5 Tricks to Make the Most Money Driving for Uber

5 Tricks to Make the Most Money Driving for Uber.

In this article we are going to look at top five tricks to make the most money from driving for Uber. It is important to work smart and not hard to make the most money. Many new drivers neglect these techniques of making more money. Read this or watch the video under this article, and you will increase your income significantly.

1) Driving for Uber during Surge Hours:

Drive for UberUber will send you a text or email you when to expect the surge hours. Most of the time you will just see a red spot on your map, it indicates that rates are anywhere from 1.2 to 3 times higher in the highlighted area. Deep red color means higher rate of income.

There are times when I make $35 per hour, when it is surge hours instead of averaging in range at $20 per hour in my city. Use this trick to make the most money, but do not chase the surge.


2) Driving on Friday Night and Saturday Evening and Night.

  • Friday: 6 pm to 3 am.
  • Saturday 4 pm to 3 am.

Driving for Uber during these hours is the best time to make the most money. You will make at least $5 more per hour then driving during any other hours without surge.  I drive part time at this moment, so I choose to drive only during these hours.


3) Using Uber Driver and Rider Application at the same time (Two Phone Trick With One Phone)

When you switch on the driver application, switch on your Uber rider application. This way you will be able to see all the drivers around you and it will help you find the best place to make the most. Strategically positioning yourself in high demand neighborhoods with less Uber drivers in the area will save you money on gas and get you more ride requests.

Watch this video:


4) Drive less to make more money with Uber:

 The moment you stop driving, it feels like time is stopping and you are not getting ride requests. What really happens is it just feels like that, the time goes faster when you drive. But driving around and burning gas will increase your costs and reduce you profits when you get the ride request.  It is a mistake of many new and experienced drivers. Do not drive more then you need to get to a high demand location and use the trick number 3 to help you position yourself strategically.


5) Know your community “Cherry Picking” to make the most money with Uber:


Knowing the high demand communities and times is crucial, after driving with Uber for few months, you should be able to know at what time, what part of the city is the best part to be in. I know few communities that are surging on Friday from 6 PM to 8 PM, so I would be there to make more money. There are few schools with rich kids that are going home by 3 PM using Uber, each time. I make sure to be close by if I’m driving in that time frame.  Use the trick number 5 together with trick number 3 and 4 and it will improve your income.


Use these 5 tricks to make the most money, it will help you make more by doing less. Be a business person and drive for Uber like you play chess, it will make a difference of at least $5 per hour, work smart – not hard.


Please share your stories and tricks in the comments below to help other drivers! Looking forward to read them all.


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