Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) – Fastest and Easiest Way To Immigrate to Canada.

In this article I will tell you the easiest and fastest way to get to Canada.

1) No CRS Score Required.

Unlike Express Entry the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) does not have the rating system and therefore no CRS Score Required. Meaning you would not have compete with other candidates to immigrate to Canada.

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2) Low English (IELTS / CLB) Requirement.

This program requires only IELTS / CLB 4 to be qualified to immigrate to Canada. We can say AIPP is a way to go if you are unable to score high enough for express entry. (Express Entry Requirement is IELTS / CLB 7 ) .

3) Low Proof of Funds Requirement.

Good new, the AIPP money requirement for proof of funds is about 3 times less than Express Entry. Meaning you do not have to have much money on your bank account to immigrate to Canada. See the chart bellow.

4) No Education Required.

By No Education, I mean you will still need to graduate for the high school in order to be qualified for this program. But, you do not need to do any college or university degree in order to be qualified under AIPP. Read more about the education requirements here.

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5) No Skills Required.

Yep, under the AIPP you do not need to have Engineering Degree or be experienced in management. Under this program you can do work that doesn’t need special training, literally you can be a food server and still qualified to immigrate to Canada. Read more about NOC C category here.

List of Atlantic Provinces accepting Immigrants under the AIPP:

  • New Brunswick
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • Nova Scotia
  • Prince Edward Island

Main Requirement: Job Offer

The most challenging recruitment of this program is to get the job offer, but it is easier if you know where to look. Here is how to get a job to immigrate to Canada.

Find the Designated Employer Qualified under AIPP to bring you to Canada from the list bellow and search for their job postings from the list of websites to apply for job in Canada bellow.

The List of Designated Employers:

List of Websites To Apply For Jobs in Canada:

Being an immigrant myself I encourage and support everyone who is in love with Canada and want to help build and support this beautiful country!

More Videos on the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program:


        1. Habibullah

          I am from pakistan .i am doctor .. studied in China . Now i want to change my carrer . And want to migrate to canada ..please consider me .. literally i can do any job ..

      1. Chidi

        Hi, my name is chidi from Nigeria. I wish to work in Canada. Any kind of work be it agriculture, food server any job at all.

    1. Najma mohamed

      I am from somalia I like to come canada i was hoping to come to live on i do every job you give me it my dream to work in canada please request that you may consider me i hope you answer

        1. Naseer

          Hello Dear Sir,

          Currently I am living in Germany but I would to come to Canada please guide me how to come there.


  1. Tayo

    I have bachelor’s degree in computer science with many years of experience in computer networking analysis. Please, kindly assist me on how to get job offer under this program. Thanks

  2. Syed babu

    Hi sir good morning I’m from India I’m working in Saudi Arabia electrician technicians jobs maintenance in King Fahd military city in dammam I’m looking to work in Canada please I need jobs in Canada

  3. MD.Delwar Hossain

    My dear sir
    Im name is MD delwar hossain
    I’m very interested move to Canada work
    I m now working in Selvir star Limousine Transport Company for uber cereem
    Doha Qatar

  4. Maria ahmed

    I love going to Canada and I love learning about the Canadian culture and I live in Somalia. There are many wars. I have lost a mother and a boy. I just want to send me a visa. Send me a hug and request that you respond promptly to me please give me visa

  5. Andrew

    Hello and how are you doing. My name is Andrew and am a Nigerian. How do I begin the process of immigrating to Canada and work there? Please I need your assistant and help. Also, what’s the easiest way to migrate to Canada. My email is and my watsapp no is +2347059552228. I will be very glad if a get your response .

  6. Sharaz khan

    Dear sir/madam,

    I have experience in building maintenance work and I’m good driver I worked in dubai ,uae 15 years.



    Hi sir my name is vimalraj
    I have experience in work I’m good driver I worked in India 15 years.any driver job in canada

    Thank you

  8. Olalekan A

    Hey there Igor, thanks for this information, I would like to know how to start my application process..thanks.

  9. Kumara

    Hi, I’m just turning 40 and I think I can obtain up to 5 IELTS & I have a local Degree from Sri Lnaka, So i’m trying to immigrate to Canada with my Family, I have 2 kids (bellow 12) also, What is your recommendation? is AIPP is good for me?

    I don’t mind driving a uber car. So can I earn at peast 4000 for a month driving a uber?

  10. michal

    Pleassy more info jobs canada us work and i.mmigeation canada jobs štart immediately what s aplications now pls hellp my my what s numbeesr 421950590801 thanks you wery muxh

  11. Ajith Fernando

    Hi Igor,
    I am 52 years old now. can i apply immigrate and work in canada, via AIPP program. please give me good answer.

    1. Shan

      Machan, There’ no age restriction on the Govt. website. As long as You have a Job endorsement You are good to go, (provided you satisfy the rest of the rest of the areas) – Good Luck!

  12. John Kamau Kiyo

    My name is John Kiyo from Kenya.Your article was very helpful to me.Continue with your good work! Much as many will not make it to Canada, at least you are giving hope to desperate people living in poverty in various parts of the world! Good work, God will reward you someday.

  13. haseeb yar khan

    i want to be come canada for work please help me Eva Cooking oil (Shujabad Agro Industries Pvt (LTD) | Sales Operation (Nationally)
    Islamabad Pakistan.
    Key Responsibilities:
     I am working in Eva Shujabad Agro Industries as a Sales Operation
    Nationally in Operation Department.
     I am looking after all matters of Distributors Payments, sales & Operation of
    Ordering Nationally & Checked Distributor Monthly Claims.
    February 2017 – September 2018
    Venus Pakistan Pvt. | Customer Service Officer (CSO) | Islamabad Pakistan
    Venus Pakistan Pvt. Ltd. is one of the reputed food service companies working in
    Horace channel in Pakistan & working on very big scale and also working in some
    other Asian countries. And have goodwill in market.
    Key Responsibilities:
     Received orders from customers & Sales executives via phone, sms, and
    email & manage large numbers of calls, answer calls professionally to provide
    information about products and services, obtain details of complaints.
     Prepared reports required to RSM, RGM, NSM and NDM.Bachelor of Computer Science 2016
    – Virtual University of Pakistan | Rawalpindi
    I.C.S (Intermediate) 2012
    – Gordon College Rawalpindi | Pakistan (B.I.S.E)
    Matric 2010
    – F.G Public Secondary School Rawalpindi | Pakistan , (FBISE)
    – Science
     Prepared invoices, also manage delivery challans and cash memos records.
     Looked after all operation regarding sales and deliveries.
     Worked as a sales coordinator.

  14. Assan Touray

    Hello Sir,

    I am education and travellers consultant from from the Gambia, Africa.

    I would like to inquire about AIPP program in Canada for my client seeking to immigrate.

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