Best Map for Uber, Waze vs Google Maps.

Best Map for Uber, Waze vs Google Maps.

In this article we are going to look at 3 different maps used by Uber drivers. It will help you decide what works best for your needs as an Uber driver. The maps are very similar, they are all great ways to navigate the city and by knowing what works best for you can help you earn more money and score a higher rating.

This article is based on my personal experience and preferences as an Uber driver. Read it and let me know what you think in the comments bellow the article.

Uber Maps & Google Maps:

Drive for UberUber Maps:

Uber Maps is built on bases of Google maps as a part of Uber driver application. It is very convenient to operate when you are picking up or dropping off passengers.  The design is very familiar to everyone who has ever used Google Maps before.

What I love about Uber maps is the convenience of using it, ease of operating and running on the go without getting distracted.


Google Maps:

Google Maps can be used as a third party map to drive for Uber, it is essentially the same map that you Uber app is using but running in the different application.

How Google Maps work?

When you start a trip or accept the ride request, Google map will open separately and guide you to the location of the ride request or to the destination set up by Uber driver application.

Negative part of Google and Uber Maps is absence of community that Waze has to offer.


Waze Map would open when you accept the ride request or start the trip as a separate application. It has a big community of drivers, some different colors to the map and unique features. It was an Israeli startup and Google has purchased it.

Why is Waze so awesome?

  • Traffic red light speeding cameras can be reported and seen on the map.
  • You always know the speed limits by just looking at your map.
  • All of the road hazards such as construction or traffic can be reported by all Wazers.


Waze is kind of a social map system that makes it so much more interesting for drivers.

The bad thing about Waze is the software, it can glitch on GPS or give some kind of errors during your Uber run. What I do not like about Waze is how application is unstable.

I lost few ride requests when I was in love with Waze, because I could not switch between Uber Driver Application and Waze.  Each Time I was trying to accept the ride request, my Uber Driver App was conflicting with Waze, until the ride request got canceled.   This is why I prefer Uber Maps (Built in Google map into Uber driver application).

What matters most to me as an Uber driver, is reliable application that functions well and gets me to the right place without losing ride requests. Uber Maps work great and speeding cameras and hidden police is not a problem if you drive safe.

How can I change my Uber Map to Waze or Google?

Go to you Uber driver App, Select Account -> Settings -> Navigation and check mar Waze or Google Maps. It will automatically open when you accept the ride request or start the trip as a separate application.

Share your opinion on this matter in the comment bellow!

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  1. farid ahmad

    but uber and google map confusing in down town toronto not recognized no left or no right turn sign where is time restriction like no left turn between 7am to 7pm or 7 am to 9 or 10 am waze work pretty better

  2. AlexG

    On highways, Waze gives better voice directions – it will say what is on the exit sign eg. “40 West Toronto”. Whereas, Uber Nav says the name(!) of the highway, no direction. This is very ambiguous in some cases and leads to wrong turns. However, Uber does give better lane assistance and warns you which lane to use.

    It is a pain to switch back and forth between Waze and Uber at start and end of drives. Uber has smoother and cleaner workflow when transitioning while guiding you to pickup, to destination and final dropoff.

    It’s not obvious while driving in Waze that Uber is sending you a request before you’ve reached your destination and it’s easy to lose requests.

    Uber tends to tell you to turn right a full block from actual turn which, at the beginning, when it said “turn right”, I was making my turn too early. Waze is much better by saying something like “in 300m, turn right”. You learn quickly, “300m” means “one block” and “10m” is “turn now”

    My recommendation, stick with Uber Navigation if just starting. Use Waze when you are comfortable using Uber App, and you need better navigation; just monitor the top banner frequently so as not to miss Uber requests.

    One last note, you can only switch Navigation preferences when Offline.

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