UBER Calgary International Airport (YYC) Pickup / Drop-off Guide.

UBER Calgary International Airport (YYC) Pick-up / Drop-off Guide

Drive for UberPicking-up and Dropping-off riders in the airport can be confusing for new drivers. If you have looked at the airport drop-off and pick-up guide from UBER, probably you would try and stay away from the airport at the begging of you career as an Uber driver in Calgary.

When you look at your Uber’s drive application in Calgary, most of the time you will see 25+ cars in queue.


You would be probably wondering, why the hell do all this drivers go there?


There are few reasons, the waiting time is around 30+ min most of the time, and you are getting $20+ per rider in payout. It can be extremely boring seating and waiting for the ride request.

Drivers are seating in their cars in a designated Uber parking lot, that is located in a construction site of some other company. There are 25+ cars with drivers inside watching YouTube videos or scrolling down Facebook applications waiting for a call.

It is a good spot to not spend much fuel, and get a long distance rides. Sometimes, you can get someone who is staying right next to the airport and it can be a short ride. But, mostly it is a long ride.

Waiting for the ride request in Calgary  yyc-calgary-international-airport-arrivalsInternational Airport (YYC)

To get in UBER’s YYC waiting queue, you have to come to a designated waiting area, that is highlighted on your map.

Once you are there, you will see your position in queue and will be able to track how many drivers are ahead of you.

New drivers often forget to check YYC Arrivals and Flight Schedule. Before going to the airport, you should know how many drivers are there, and what flights are arriving soon.

Checking the schedule and planing your day will help you wait less and earn more.

Yesterday I have noticed 15 cars lined up at 2 am in YYC, waiting for their riders. The next arrival was at 6 am, and no more flights after 2 am. I wasn’t sure if the knew about it or not, so I left to some other place.

Many drivers are watching movies and reading books, so I suggest you keep something in your car to be entertained while you are waiting for the ride request. Waiting time feels longer at the airport then it is in the downtown.


How to Pickup a rider in YYC

Drive to YYC designated waiting lot for Uber drivers, always be online and when you get the ride request follow the following steps:


  1. You are allowed to pickup riders only at departure level doors  1 and 12.
  2. Call your rider when you are on your way, to confirm his exact location.
  3. Make sure you have enough space in your car for the language, your car is clean and you are dressed professionally this will increase your chances of getting a tip.

This is it, simple! Please note that Uber riders are getting charged extra pickup fee for airport pickup of total $4.50.


How to Drop-off a rider in YYC

Dropping of in Calgary International Airport is easy. Just follow the following steps:

  • Follow the map to the departures level and ask the rider about his flight.
  • Ask the rider, where he wants to be dropped-off.
  • Look at the signs when you are driving.
  • Help with the luggage.
  • Wish him a good flight.



This is how you Pickup and Drop-off riders at YYC intentional airport in Calgary. It is easy to drop-off riders, but it is more challenging to pickup riders. It takes some effort, many riders and drivers are geting confused at the Airport.

Call the rider and explain that you are allowed to pick them up only at door 1 or 12 on departures level.

Some riders will be waiting at arrivals level,  Uber drivers are not allowed on arrivals level.  Make sure that you have UBER driver’s application on until you exit the airport.  Calgary police and airport security may want to see your uber driver’s application.

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