Can I Drive a Rental Car for Uber?

This article was requested by many of my YouTube subscribers asking me if they can drive a rental car for Uber. We are going to look at the reasons why you should consider driving a rental car for Uber and the difficulties of actually doing it. Also we are going to talk about ways to work around the issue of not having you own car and driving for Uber.


Why should I consider driving a rental car for Uber?

Drive for UberThere can be many benefits of driving a rental car for Uber in many situations, let us look at few of them in this list:

  1. Your Uber car broke down and is awaiting repair or it was in an accident. As a driver you can’t make money if you are not driving, and getting a rental car would be an excellent option.
  2. You are just starting out with Uber and do not want to spend money to buy a new car, you just want “to see how it is like”, how much you can make and how it works for you before you invest the money into your own vehicle. This in excellent case for students, new immigrants and people who do not drive but are considering getting a car specifically for business.


Why is it difficult to get a rental car for Uber?

The difficulty of getting a rental car for Uber is local legislation and Uber policies

In order for you to drive for Uber in Canada, you would need to inspect the car and have a valid insurance. To have the car inspection on a rental is another extra $50 to you bill. You also need to have your name on insurance and rental cars have a company name on their insurance.

There are few companies that has partnered with Uber, such as Enterprise and Hertz. But, renting a car cuts deep inside your profits, it can be alright to rent a car for a week, but it will eat up much of your profit.

Can I drive a rental or any other car that is unapproved by Uber?

Reasons not to do it:


  1. If an Uber passenger is waiting for a different car , they can get suspicious and call Uber. Most likely you will get deactivated at least temporary.
  2. Getting into collusion with a passenger on a rental car without rideshare insurance can get you not only deactivated, it will also wave the current insurance coverage, Uber will not cover you and liability for the car and the passenger is on you. Including all the police charges that come along with it.

Has anyone tried driving a rental or unapproved car for Uber?

Yes, there are drivers who did it with Uber Eats deliveries on rental cars.  Because people do not look at their cars and there is a lower risk of liability in case of an accident.  But again, if they get caught, this can get them deactivated.

How to get around without renting a car for Uber?

There are few ways you can get around without renting a car.

  1. If your spouse has a car, call her insurance company and get the car inspected, let Uber know and you can drive.
  2. You friend has a car, you are allowed to drive the same car as long as you and your friend have a different Uber accounts, the car has to be registered with Uber under your account. Do not let anyone ever drive your car under your account, this will get you deactivated if Uber finds out.

To finalize this article, I would say it is not a good option to drive a rental car for Uber, because it is costly, difficult and risky. Best thing you can do if you do not have a car is look at your options, if your relative has a car of friend, get on their insurance get the car inspected, let Uber know and when the car is on your account with Uber, you can drive it.


Let me know if you have any questions in the comments bellow!


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  1. Stephen

    Thank you for your educative write up. I’m thinking of purchasing about three cars and let others drive it on either Uber or lyft. How can I go about this? Does Uber or lyft allow people who want others to drive their cars register on the platform?

  2. Irsa Chaudhry

    renting a car and driving for carruba and uber is a good way to earn money without investing much you can pay insurance from your earning but managing your insurance might be difficult for some people. if you think you can manage that you’re good to go.

  3. Emeka Kenneth

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