Can I Refuse a Pet In My Car? Uber Driver.

Can I Refuse a Pet In My Car? Uber Driver.


There are many reasons to refuse a pet into your car. But, can you actually cancel on the rider with a pet while driving for Uber?  Let’s look into this together.

There are few things you should know before you refuse a person with a pet.

  1. Service Animals and the Law.
  2. Ways you can stand up for your rights not to let pets or other animals into your car.


Service Animals and the Law.

Drive for UberIn November 13, 2017 Uber Canada has made all of the Uber Partners (Drivers) sign terms and conditions on Service Animal Policy. In Canada it is illegal to refuse service to a person with a service animal. It is also illegal to discriminate against riders with a service animals.

What is a service animal?

It is an animal that helps an individual with their disability, usually a dog. The disability can be visible and not visible.


How do I know if it is a service animal?

  1. Usually you would be able to identify it by the vest, harness, helping a person with disability.
  2. Person with a service animal has a document, such as a latter from a health professional indicating the need for a service animal.

Uber is very strict with violators. It takes 1 person with a service animal being refused for a driver to be deactivated and not able to drive for Uber again.  Be very careful when you see a service animal.


Ways you can stand up for your rights not to let pets or other animals into your car.

There are many people who would try to abuse the Uber’s Policy and claim their animal to be a service animal, and drivers can get in trouble.

How can drivers fight for their rights?

There are few ways to do it, although there is still a risk of getting in trouble.


  1. Driver protected by human rights legislation, if he/she is a member of religious group and having a service animal in a car would be undue hardship to the driver. In order to stand your ground on this one follow the 4 steps to protect yourself:
    1. Arrive to the location and do not cancel the ride request.
    2. Help the rider get another ride.
    3. Wait until another ride arrives.
    4. Contact Uber using this link.

Make sure you have a document dated prior to the occurrence of the incident.

  1. Drivers allergic to dogs, having a dog in your car would cause and unsafe environment due to medical conditions. Get a doctor’s note for it, prior to the occurrence of the service animal related incident.
  2. Fake Service Animals: Some people will try and get their pet into your car saying it is a service animal. Sometimes they will have a service animal latch on their dog to make it look like it is a service animal. It is also illegal to claim your dog is a service dog, the person can be charged by the government. Inform the person about possible legal actions if the animal is not found to be a service animal, person can be charged up to $5000 fine depending on the provincial legislation.  Do not decline your service, contact Uber after the trip.
  3. Ask a rider for a document for the service animal, provided by health care specialist if you do not trust the rider.

The best thing you can do is provide the service and contact Uber with your concerns. You can go after the person after the ride without risking your partnership with Uber.


Dealing with pets in your car.

For example, I do not mind pets in my car, and I do have a blanket for them.

If it is not a service animal, you do not have to accept the ride, you can cancel it. Just explain to the rider the reason, to why you do not want a pet in your car.

What to do if animal makes a mess in your car?

  1. Take your phone and make a picture of it, before you clean it.
  2. Contact Uber and show them your picture.

What happens next?

Uber will determine the cost , charge the rider’s credit card and pay you for cleaning your car.

If someone walks to your car with a snake or other pets, you do not have to accept the pet. Service animals are usually dogs, so if you see something other than a dog, talk to the rider and explain why you are not letting them into your car, cancel and drive away.

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  1. Rndy Fox

    is it posssible for me to own and share 2 cars if the other driver is regestered on the insurance as a co insured?

  2. Jake

    Why is a driver required to produce documentation (religious or health exclusion) when the disabled person has no requirement to produce any documentation for the service animal?

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