Chasing the Surge

What is Surge in Uber?


It means a high demand from riders and not enough drivers in the area. For riders it means higher fares and for drivers equals in more money.

Riders get the ride, drivers make extra money. Win – Win.


How Surge Works?

Drive for UberOn the map of Uber drivers, the surge icon goes on and the area becomes covered in red color, the deeper the color, the higher the fair for the driver from that location.

If a driver is getting a call from surging area, they will get a higher fair, depending on the location of the ride request.

So, you do not need to be in surge area to get a call from surge area. If you are driving around and the ride request is from the “red zone”, you get surge pricing.

What happens to Uber drivers during the surge?

Uber drivers, get adrenaline rushing in their blood, to make an extra dollar. New drivers rush to the surge area, as soon as they can see the red map next to them.

Driving outcome.


  • Drivers start to speed and focus on their phones.
  • Breaking rules and trying to get to the red area.
  • Going offline for 5 min, to try and get closer to surge before accepting any call.

It all leads to one thing: Unsafe Driving habits!

Uber drivers are self employed, we pay for our cars and our mistakes from our own pocket with our money and health. Drive safe!



  • Surge is gone in 5 min, and usually will be gone before you are there.
  • Surge will only stay longer if there is an event going on that day, something like a concert or a show.
  • Drivers can get a ticket or in accident while trying to chase an extra dollar.
  • Once it is gone, you are stuck in the area with so many other drivers, good luck getting a ride request.



There is no need to chase the surge, unless if it is an event or you were in the middle of it already.

Once you are on your way there, it is huge, it is red and calling for you. Do not rush, do not break rules! In fact, the best thing you can do is ignore it. In next 10-15 minutes from the surging area, you will see the entire city of Uber drivers.

Best thing to do is actually to get away from the area. When all drivers are chasing the surge, their competition is so high, the 1.5 times the rate when there are 6 times less chances of you getting the ride equals to less money. In next 5 minutes the surge is over and you are left with no extra fair and 20 other drivers trying to get a rider.


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