How to Contact Uber 24/7 Driver Support in Canada by Phone?


There are many ways to contact Uber as a driver. In this article I’ll explain how to contact Uber by phone, Uber Driver Application or in Person.


Contact Uber Driver 24/7 Phone Support Line:

Drive for UberTo call Uber driver support line go to your Uber driver application, click help, and on the top right corner of the screen click on the phone or just Call: + 1 800-593-7069.

Most of the call centers for Uber are off-shore meaning you will get someone to talk to very fast and at any time of the day or night.  I personally enjoy talking to someone one on one over the phone not having to go to Uber Green Light Hub.

Uber-Drver-Application-ContactContact Using Uber Driver Application or Email:

This one is simple, go to your Uber Application, click on Help and read all possible topics that are related to your issue.  If it is Account and Payment or Signing Up, just click and follow the steps.  If you can’t find what you need, just find something related and text Uber right from your Uber Drive App. This is a great option if you need a generic answer to your question. There have been so many questions asked by drivers that Uber has developed SOPs and they will just send you a standard answer related to your questions. I tried this option before and it can be frustrating, because answers can be so generic, it feels like there is an artificial inelegance reading them and giving you an answer.


Contact Uber in Person.

Open Google Maps and search “Uber Green Light Hub” and it will find the nearest Uber office you can visit.  In order to talk to someone, there will be a person on reception that will take your phone number and ask you the reason of your visit. You will get a chair to sit and a free Wi-Fi to use while you wait until someone will call your name and send you a text on your phone at the same time.

Going to Uber in person can be time consuming, but it is always necessary to visit Uber Green Light Hub if you are just signing up to drive for Uber.


Thank you for reading this article, looking forward to read your comments and answer any related questions.



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  1. Phu Quang Hoang

    “cancellation fee charged to me is illegal!”
    This morning around 11:am(Wednesday 2nd/2018),I was trying to schedule a trip with Uber to Trudeau Airport for Saturday (May 5th/2018) morning . After requested for payment method, Uber automatically scheduled for today, Wednesday at 11…am. I have no way to correct or cancel the trip. I have to call Uber 1-800-593-7069 ,talking to a girl name Rita to tell her the situation. she said she is going to cancel the trip. I received a cancellation fee of $5.75. What is that?
    I need a full refund.
    Phu Quang Hoang

  2. Shadi Al Zareef

    Good morning
    I am willing to sign up with uber canada as a new driver
    I’m Canadian permanent resident with valid g license and no accident record
    However my Canadian PR card got expired in January 2018 , I submitted my PR renewal application in May 2018 and it is still under process. They said it will take like 4 months for renewal.
    Can i still sign up and work with ybrr as driver despite my PR card is expired??

    Thank you

  3. Lise Poulin

    How do I get information about Uber picking me up at the Montreal, YUL airport?
    Also I have an account with Uber but I don’t remember my password. There is no option to get a new password.

  4. Gary

    The receipt received is not a valid receipt. It does NOT HAVE AN HST # ON IT, AND I HAVE BEEN CHARGED HST.
    Unless an HST # is supplied with the receipt, I will have to report this to CRA as an illegal collection of HST.

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