How to Contact Uber 24/7 Driver Support in Canada by Phone?

There are many ways to contact Uber as a driver. In this article I’ll explain how to contact Uber by phone, Uber Driver Application or in Person.


Contact Uber Driver 24/7 Phone Support Line:

Drive for UberTo call Uber driver support line go to your Uber driver application, click help, and on the top right corner of the screen click on the phone or just Call: + 1 800-593-7069.

Most of the call centers for Uber are off-shore meaning you will get someone to talk to very fast and at any time of the day or night.  I personally enjoy talking to someone one on one over the phone not having to go to Uber Green Light Hub.

Uber-Drver-Application-ContactContact Using Uber Driver Application or Email:

This one is simple, go to your Uber Application, click on Help and read all possible topics that are related to your issue.  If it is Account and Payment or Signing Up, just click and follow the steps.  If you can’t find what you need, just find something related and text Uber right from your Uber Drive App. This is a great option if you need a generic answer to your question. There have been so many questions asked by drivers that Uber has developed SOPs and they will just send you a standard answer related to your questions. I tried this option before and it can be frustrating, because answers can be so generic, it feels like there is an artificial inelegance reading them and giving you an answer.


Contact Uber in Person.

Open Google Maps and search “Uber Green Light Hub” and it will find the nearest Uber office you can visit.  In order to talk to someone, there will be a person on reception that will take your phone number and ask you the reason of your visit. You will get a chair to sit and a free Wi-Fi to use while you wait until someone will call your name and send you a text on your phone at the same time.

Going to Uber in person can be time consuming, but it is always necessary to visit Uber Green Light Hub if you are just signing up to drive for Uber.


Thank you for reading this article, looking forward to read your comments and answer any related questions.



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  1. Phu Quang Hoang

    “cancellation fee charged to me is illegal!”
    This morning around 11:am(Wednesday 2nd/2018),I was trying to schedule a trip with Uber to Trudeau Airport for Saturday (May 5th/2018) morning . After requested for payment method, Uber automatically scheduled for today, Wednesday at 11…am. I have no way to correct or cancel the trip. I have to call Uber 1-800-593-7069 ,talking to a girl name Rita to tell her the situation. she said she is going to cancel the trip. I received a cancellation fee of $5.75. What is that?
    I need a full refund.
    Phu Quang Hoang

  2. Shadi Al Zareef

    Good morning
    I am willing to sign up with uber canada as a new driver
    I’m Canadian permanent resident with valid g license and no accident record
    However my Canadian PR card got expired in January 2018 , I submitted my PR renewal application in May 2018 and it is still under process. They said it will take like 4 months for renewal.
    Can i still sign up and work with ybrr as driver despite my PR card is expired??

    Thank you

  3. Lise Poulin

    How do I get information about Uber picking me up at the Montreal, YUL airport?
    Also I have an account with Uber but I don’t remember my password. There is no option to get a new password.

  4. Gary

    The receipt received is not a valid receipt. It does NOT HAVE AN HST # ON IT, AND I HAVE BEEN CHARGED HST.
    Unless an HST # is supplied with the receipt, I will have to report this to CRA as an illegal collection of HST.

  5. Laleh

    Today evening I get Uber as usual every day same time and same way but they charge me more than double price for no reason and I send the massage through uber apps but no reply . I need to return the extra charge to my account.

    1. Babak

      I started just 3 days driving with Uber without identifying. Because I think you are sending to me the logos. I got a ticket today with 288$.
      You don’t have accepted me wideout completed everything. Now what can I do?

  6. Bertlyn. Harper

    Hi I have been using Uber,pay by visa al the time ,now I am told that I owe 13.19 .l need to pay the outstanding.i need help.

  7. Arlene

    I called uber February 13/2019 and it was cancelled and charged me $5.65
    The person I spoke to at uber customer service keep me transferring to someone else and didn’t resolve my problem.
    I need my money back

  8. ofer martin

    Hi, I would like to contact Uber in Canada by phone, because the phone number #18005937069, goes to the Philippines and so far after many calls and diligences they where not able to resolve nothing.
    I was driving for Uber since the mid January approximately after I did all the qualifying paperwork and was accepted and started to drive. That Was in Windsor Ontario., Then I came to London ON, where I reside and drove for Uber, until I went back to Windsor. Then I was taken out of line. At first when I called the 18005937069 they said that they did not know was the problem and let me know that in 24-48 hours I will be contacted and back on line again . that time passed and I never got contacted or email , so I called back and again same they didn’t know what was the reason and wait again 24-48 hours. After that time passed I called back and the answer was the same,, they didn’t know, so I decided to search on my own and found that in London on, was a recruiting meeting in person so I went to that and the clerk reveled me that I was missing a document that when I signed up was not in my list and I had no clue of that. Still today I can not go on line regardless that I apply for that document that is not necessary for me in London on that is where my home is and where I registered at the beginning.

  9. Thulile cwala

    Trying to register with Uber on my cell phone but it says number is in use. Number was used by my predecessor and now used by me. I need to use Uber transport but I’m struggling to register on uber. The number is 4165188922. Kindly assist me to register in order to use Uber taxis

  10. Roger Tastad

    I am trying to get some uber stickers for my window. My account is up and running but no stickers!!!!!! I need someone to courier them to me as we do not have a HUB here in Saskatoon

    1. Ak

      I forgot my password to sign in as a driver but then send code verification but unfortunately my phone number is not exist
      How i can sign in

  11. Peter

    I am considering driving for Uber in Vancouver. However, I can’t find any information abot rates. In fact Uber’s web site provides no contact information. At least none that is easily found. What I didi find is plenty of complaints about the servive and how impossible it is to contact Uber.
    I am having my doubts if working for Ube4vis a good idea.

  12. ziqi zheng

    hi my friend lost her phone in a uber driver’s car, but she only remembered the last three number of his car:499 and his car is red, please send back her phone to 60 twelfth,st Etobicoke, thanks.

  13. jorge borbor

    A suggestion for UBER customer SECURITY, the application could turn a GREEN SCREEN when the right UBER car arrived and it is in the BLUETOHH range, This is easy to integrate and can secure that the right person has arrived to offer the service.

  14. Anthony Saulnier

    I’m an Uber Eats driver in Saskatoon.

    I have to say that I’m not happy with Uber. Two weeks ago they put a block on my account from receiving trip requests without telling me.

    The only way I found out about it was because I called in to support to find out why I suddenly stopped getting requests. After numerous calls to their support, I was finally told that the reason my account was on hold was because I had to renew my background check. I was never sent an email or any kind of notification before or after. Now it’s two weeks later, and guess what, I’m still not able to get requests. Support finally told me earlier this week they told me to expect an email with a link to click on to agree to the background check renewal. This will be at least 3 business days and then more once I agree.

    And on top of that, they closed their Saskatoon, so if a driver needs in person support they have to drive to either Calgary or Edmonton… at least 5 to 6 hours away.

    What can I do to get this resolved and ensure this does not happen again?

  15. Burim

    This morning at 8:10 at 1200 Maissonneuve west, Montreal a Uber driver stoped to pick up a passenger and he turned on opposite side of the driveway. I asked him to turn the car but he was very arrogant and he was ready to hit me. I never seen in my life that kind of agressivité in my life. I hope this driver (bleck Hyundai pl number: M58MNT ) never again shows up in our property. And I also hope that someone from head office read this complaint

  16. Awe oluwaseun

    Hi, my name is Awe oluwaseun I just took uber from dufferin and steel to 17 westdale which my Totall bill was $9.70 but unfortunately they charged me $24 plus which against the agreement. Pls I want immediately rectification. My G.mail is Awe oluwaseun thank you
    Show quoted text

  17. Juhyung Park

    whoever works in the driver support as a supervisor named call Kevin. Lady shame on you. How the hell you are hanging up the phone to the customer? Is that what Uber service about? Is lady Kevin I will make you call me to apologize for today’s call. you are not doing your service and giving unuseful information to make your customer mad. Hate to say it, but because of this type of supervisor mess the company’s honor.

  18. Juhyung Park

    whoever works in the driver support as a supervisor named call Kevin. Lady shame on you. How the hell you are hanging up the phone to the customer? Is that what Uber service about? Is lady Kevin I will make you call me to apologize for today’s call. you are not doing your service and giving unuseful information to make your customer mad. Hate to say it, but because of this type of supervisor mess the company’s honor. She was so disrespectful to the customer

  19. Arja Tuominen

    I received an email saying that I would get a dicount for my 1st ride. Well, that didn’t happen. There’s no credit showing under payment. My 1st ride was on Sept 18/19.
    I want my discount. I’m finding it impossible to get in touch with Uber by phone.

  20. My first trip with left I got a five dollar discount the next day that was one trip hope to hear from you soon

    I have been taking Uber I have not been getting any discounts on my rides so I’m asking for those discounts on my rider please send them as soon as possible not fair I’m using this service and not getting my discount , My first trip with left I got a five dollar discount the next day that was one trip hope to hear from you soon

  21. Bukenya usher

    Dear uber Canada Toronto I don’t have any comment but am also driving uber in Uganda my names Bukenya usher now I want to change to drive uber in Canada and now I have money for visa and ticket and my upkeep what am requesting from you is to invite me to Canada by send me the invitation will be grand thanx

  22. Bukenya usher

    Just wanted to let u know that am ready am just waiting for the invitation I submit for visa that uber will be happy to work with u in Canada

  23. teres edmonds

    My teenage son was a passenger in an Uber on Saturday night, in Toronto, when he was rear ended by another car. The Uber driver dealt with the other driver but never checked in with my son on his condition. He hit his knee pretty hard into the seat in front of him, despite wearing a seatbelt, and felt his one leg tingle up.
    No one has acknowledged or checked in with us.
    My son took note of both licence plates.

  24. Thomas ( Mark ) Handy

    Can you please help me find the right person I want to be an Uber driver and don’t know how to contact the right place to get this set up I’m working with my bank I’m getting a new car and would like to do this driving part time because I work full-time now if you have a chance can you send me in the right direction I would deeply appreciate it Can you use the email that I’ve attached to this

  25. Thomas ( Mark ) Handy

    Could you please and thank you contact me the correct information I would like to be an Uber driver my email is above

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