Driving during the day vs night?

Many drivers prefer driving during the day, personally I like driving at night. Driving at night is fun for me, but not for everyone.  Some people believe the night time to be a nightmare, for others it is the opposite.  Everyone is trying to find the perfect balance to get the most out of driving for Uber.

Should I be driving during the day vs night?

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It is your choice to decide what works best for you. If you are working a full time job and Uber is a part time thing for you, you do not have much choice left. When you are working from 8 am to 4 pm, you can only work with this time frame. It all comes back to your stamina, how much work a day you can handle and being able to drive safe. Lets look at it in detail.


Why should I drive during the day?

Driving during the day is nice, the sun is shining, your mood is cheerful and more people are there searching for a ride. The riders are not drunk, it is safer on the road. You can see the traffic, house numbers for pickups and a face of the passenger you are picking up.

The rush hours in the morning and evenings are there to support the day drivers.

At night, you can get a drunk person, it is less safe on the road and picking up strangers. You can get an aggressive drunk passenger, driving is harder at night. There are less people out searching for a ride. Working at nights, your sleeping cycle is also getting disrupted.

This is what makes the day so attractive!

Why should I drive during the night?

Personally I love nights!At night, there are less Uber drivers on the road. Riders are more relaxed and do not care about money. I get better tips and ratings at night. Riders are not late for work, and less irritated. Night can actually increase the money you are making!

We do not make much money for the wait time, we make it for the distance of the ride. Getting stuck in traffic during the day, can be very annoying. It does not bring you much satisfaction seeing angry people trying to get to work or from work. You get more calls, but you end up wasting more energy and making less.

At night, I drive like a limo driver, enjoying the road with no traffic. Driving with a happy customer, who is relaxed and happy to give me a tip.  I do keep a burp bag ready, but it I never had to use it.

For me night is the time when I feel like I am making more money, I do not feel pressured, spending less energy and time is flying by so much faster.

What is the best time to drive?


Simple answer would be, at night on Friday and Saturday. During the day on week days on morning and evening commute. Or driving whenever you have free time from your other job. In reality it all goes down to our availability and preferences.

There are nigh lovers that drive only at night, from 12 am to 3 am in Downtown pubs, from 3 am to 6 am Airport arrivals and 6 am to 10 am in the morning work commute.

And there are day lovers people who prefer safety, comfort of the day and the road rush during cretin hours. You can make as much money during the day as at night if you are used to it.

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  • When do you drive?
  • Where are you located?
  • Why do you choose to drive at that time?



  1. Mark Mackintosh


    Nice Blog…very helpful…

    I have signed up with UBER, but I havent completed the process yet. Can I still use you for a referal? Can I still get their sign up bonus?

    I live in Airdrie and I’ll be driving in Calgary mostly from what I understand….

  2. Justin

    Hi Igor, do you use a dash cam for safety or evidence? Some people recommend dual dash cam to record in-cabin incidents.

    I’d like to hear your opinion to it and recommendable models if you have used some.

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