Driving on Saturday Night for Uber in Calgary, Alberta.

This weekend was a good weekend to drive in Calgary! I worked on an extremely flexible schedule this Saturday. Had friends coming over at the evening, had to go offline and online many times. But it was a good Saturday.


Driving on Saturday Night for Uber in Calgary, Ab.

Drive for Uber


I have started my Saturday very late, because I had plans for the night and one of the plan was to make some money. So, I have started working by 21:30 pm only! I have made 3 trips and came home by 22:00 PM.

How was it? Well, it is Saturday! $8.14 for the first trip, $4.06 for the second, $4.45 for the third and  $7 in tips! It was a great start, around $23.59 in 45 min. Had to shut down my phone, and came home to meet my friends. Started with downtown and downtown is great on Saturday Nights.



Saturday Night at the Calgary, International Airport.

After 11:30 PM, I decided to try and do Airport on Saturday. Yes, a dumb idea, and I have learned my lesson, but it was not as bad I thought it would be in the end.  I had spent around 1 hour waiting for the ride request, there were only 15 cars and it was slow like never before. There were many flights coming to Calgary and not many ride requests. After one hour of waiting and talking to other Uber drivers, I have got a call. A $26.49 ride. I have heard stories from some drivers of getting to drive a customer to Banff! A women takes Uber to get to Banff and the driver made around $240+ on the trip. Well, he is one lucky guy and I really did not want to get anything that far at night. Would I go to Banff for $240? Hell, YEH!

I had fun talking to other drivers, but it was not the best idea to waste time at the airport on Saturday night

Saturday Night at Downtown Calgary.


Busy, very busy! After the airport I have decided to stop for the day. So I made up a plan, to drive home with my Uber driver’s application online, and if I make it home before I get the ride request, I am done for the day.

I had to shut down the application by 3 am to go home. I couldn’t make it home! Every 5 to 15 min I would get a new ride request that would take me farther away.

Can’t complain, it was good. Nice people, going home from their friends party, from pubs and other events. Had some fun driving this weekend.

How was it working on Saturday?

I worked for 5:20 hours in total and made around $105 around $20 / hour.


Last week I made more for less, but it was because I did not go to the airport!

Want to make less? Do airport on Friday and Saturday nights.

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Share your comments, I would love to know your opinion.

  • How was your weekend driving?
  • Did try working in the airport on weekend nights?
  • Did you get more requests then in downtown? 






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