How To Get Five Star Rating on Every Trip Driving for Uber.

In this article I would like to share my experience of getting a five star rating all the time. My current rating is 4.94.  I do get 5 star ratings almost every time I get a ride request.  In this article I would like to help all of the Uber drivers get a 5 star rating by answering few questions.

What is a five star rating for an Uber driver and why does it matter?

Drive for UberRecognition: For me it is a sign of recognition and good service to my customers. It means that riders seating in my car would be glad to use my services again in future and would probably recommend Uber to other riders.

Brand: Five star rating is my brand, as an Uber driver, I do not just drive. It is a business with your name on it. The higher your rating, the better ride requests you are getting and people are more likely to give you a 5 star rating again.

More Business: Uber Select in Canada needs a five star rating, if you are under 4:74 rating, you can’t take Uber select ride requests.  Getting a 5 star rating will get you more business in future.

How can I get a 5 star rating with UBER all the time?

  1. Know yourself: are you a chatting box like me? Nice! Talk to people, just make sure it is appropriate and build relationship with your customer.
  2. Offer assistance: Picking up a lady with a big bag? Help her with the bag! Open the door if you can.
  3. Clean car: Clean car goes a long way. You do not need a perfectly clean car, if it looks alright and does not have any strange odors, you should be fine. Do not overdo with cleaning it will save you some money and time.
  4. Show up on time: If you get a ride request, do not speed, but make sure you start driving to the location right away. If a customer looks at you on the map and it shows you are 5 minutes away and you are getting there in 15 minutes, you can cancel the ride before you get there. Being 10 minutes late, you are not getting a 5 star rating for this. You can talk to the rider if there is an issues with the traffic and listen to the rider if he or she is ok, with the delay.
  5. Look nice: You do not have to be in a suit and tie to get a 5 star, just be casual and normal.
  6. Be confident: Just be confident, it is your car and a person is a visitor in your car. Dogs feel fear and humans can feel it, if you are not confident in your own car, the passenger will be worried and will feel the same way.
  7. Do not ask personal questions: Ask any question that you would feel comfortable to answer yourself. Do not ask about their job, money, politics or anything that can make your passengers feel uncomfortable. I do ask about the jobs sometimes, hoping they would help me get into some huge oil and gas company one day. Oopps…

Things that will not get you a 5 star rating:


  1. Expansive car.
  2. Super Clean Car.
  3. Suite and tie.

It does not matter how expansive your car is or how clean it is. It matters that your passengers are getting a ride, on time, safe and entertained. As long as you passengers are happy with your service, you will get a good rating.


Thank you for taking you time to read this article. We will see you on the road, and I wish you a 5 star rating all the time.

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  1. Soran Bilbas

    Nice article Igor, keep the good work and the easy style… I’m an IT Professional and I hope that I can come to Canada soon as I’m an EE candidate with 365 points.

  2. Fred Czubba

    Igor ,,,

    Fred here in Ottawa ,,,,great blog and good/great! info . I have printed out your first cover page and made 25 copies to hand out to my fellow drivers here in Ottawa at the airport where we meet for pick ups and chat. Your tips on dogs/service animal and 5 star strategy is great. You should ride a book like Harry Campbell,,,” The Ride Share Guide” ! 147 pages ,,,your info is great ,,,monetize it!

    cheers,, Fred from Ottawa

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