Getting your class 4 Licence in Alberta.

In order of being able to drive for Uber  in Calgary or Edmonton, you will need to have professional licencing. It is a requirement by legislation in Alberta, for safety of the passengers. Getting your Class 4 licence is the cheapest way to get it done.

You can drive for Uber with Class 4, 2, or 1 drivers licence. However the most affordable and easiest licence to get is Class 4.


Getting your Class 4 Licence.

Drive for UberThe process of getting your class 4 licence and passing the test is way more simple then it looks like at first place. Lets have a look on 3 steps you have to take to get it done.

  1. Knowledge Test.
  2. Medical Exam.
  3. Road Test.


Knowledge Test.

Passing Class 4 knowledge test is almost the same thing as Class 5.

You will have to read:

  1.  Commercial driver’s guide alberta – Chapters 1,2,3, 6 – Only the school bus part of it, 7,8, 10 and 11.
  2.  Class 7 Learner’s Driver’s Guide – Just to review the rules you already know.

What to expect on Class 4 knowledge test? 

You will get around  15% Commercial Drivers Guide Question and 85% Class 7 Learner’s Driver’s Guide.

Uber will also provide you with a “Cheat Sheet” once you visit their center, after you sign-up with them online.

Medical Exam.


To get you Class 4 Drivers Licence in Alberta, you need to pass a medical exam. You will also have to provide your knowledge test results and medical exam form to take the Class 4 road test.

Medical Exam is basically a test to check your mental and physical readiness of being able to drive passengers for compensation.



How to pass it? 

Simple, go to your doctor or any walk-in clinic with this form.  

Tip: Do not try to impress the doctor, they do try and check your mental health.

Road Test.

Class 4 road test is not difficult. The only difference from Class 5 road test is, it has 50 points for penalties instead of 75 points. Exterminator is supposed to be more strict with you. So, if you are getting me right it is the same as the test you already did!

To pass Class 4 road test, you will need to review the rules while passing the knowledge test and just be very careful in how you drive. You will also have to find the right registry in Calgary or in Edmonton to get the right price and a good exterminator.


How much will it cost me to get Class 4 Drivers Licence?

I will tell you how much I paid to get my class 4 drivers licence:

  1. Knowledge test $17.60 in Registries Direct on Center Street in Calgary.
  2. Medical Examination $60.00 in Marlborough Medical Clinic.
  3. Class 4 drivers road test  $135.00 in Registries Plus is on the corner of Memorial & 52 Street NE.


Total Cost of Class 4 Driving Licence is $212.60.

Shop around to get a better price, I had people asking me $170 and $155 for the road test, I paid $135.00.

I can only suggest the guy who did my examination and did not fail my driving test, and I found him very fair in his evaluation. This is rear case in Calgary, his name is Kevin, he is awesome and working at Registries Plus in Calgary.


Any Questions on how to get you Class 4  Drivers Licence in Calgary or Edmonton?

Ask me in the comments bellow.


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    1. Igor Ryltsev

      Clayton, if you have Class 3 it means you have a higher class of license and you do not need to get a Class 4 to drive for Uber.

  1. Justin

    Hi Igor, you must have paid extra cost including all the fees, permits and taxes except $135 to take road test? So the total amount will be about $150. Also I was told they charge $22.45 for re-class your license. Am I wrong?

  2. Abdelilah

    Hi Igor,

    Thank you very much for your efforts, your are really helping people out there.

    Is it true that there is a requirement of a 1 year old driving licence ?

    Best regards,

  3. Surendra Dhami

    Hi I’m Mr Surendra singh Dhami from India and looking for a driver job in Canada i have 20 years of experience in this field in India as light Driver, now I want come to Canada as training during can you please help me to obtain my dream job in Canada thanks

  4. Kuljeet Singh

    Can I get the cheat code for knowledge test, as i have read the complete book for knowledge test, but the questions are coming different every time.

    Or any link by which i can practise class 4 knowledge test.

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