How much do Uber drivers make in Calgary, AB?

How much do Uber drivers make in Calgary, AB?

In this article, we are going to look at how much Uber drivers make in Calgary, Alberta. Based on Uberx car drivers.

How much is Uber driver’s salary?

Drive for Uber

According to Uber, an average Uber driver makes 2 trips per hour, each trip is around $13.395,  2 trips per hour, ending up in average of $16 to $26 per hour.

When I signed up, to drive for Uber, they said it is from $16 to $26 per hour, where $16 is the lowest and $26 is the highest average. Average Uber driver drives 30 hours a week.

Lets do the math: ($16+$26)/2*30*52=$32,760

The annual salary of Uber Driver in Calgary is $32,760, based on the data above.

When to work for Uber in Calgary to get the money?


The only way to get $16 to $26 per hour, is to drive during the rush hours, events and only selected hours.

In other words, working during the week Monday to Friday in this time frame:

Working drugging the weekends.

  • Friday after 8 pm to 2-3 am.
  • Saturday 8 pm to 2-3 am.

Sunday is a lazy day, will not hit the $16 to $26 per hour margarine.

How much do Uber Drivers really make?


Uber drivers that are driving up to 12 hours a day to make a living are getting from $13 to $20 per hour.

Not having the luxury of driving during the Morning or Evening Commute, or working on Friday, Saturday night brings you money making down.

I know drivers who make $1000 in a week, for working 12 hours a day!

Working for 60 hours a week will give you a salary of $52,000 per annum.

Sometimes you will get one trip that will make you $4.59 for the trip, another trip can be the same, or it can be $23, Calgary is a small city.

How much do Uber Drivers make part time in Calgary?

You can make up to $200 on a weekend working 6 hours on Friday night and 6 hours on Saturday night.

Working for Uber as a Part Time, you can make extra $10,400 per annum.

Everything is calculated after Uber’s 25% fee. Before the taxes, fuel expanses, and car amortization.

Depending on the car you use for driving, this cost is different.

Get up to $1000 in Signup Bonus with Uber depending on your location. Read more.



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    They are lied you . If you want to know you can try it too. There is nothing to do on the road if winter weather until your gas runs out you may receive one trip! There are so many drivers around you. If you are a new driver you will harder than others drivers in Calgary.

  4. David

    I don’t see that much money earning In Calgary Uber drivers maybe a thousand drivers From 2- 3 drivers can earn that much this means 00.001 % drivers. I work with them almost 4 years and beginning from the last 2 years way slow I usually spend 40-60 hours a week I don’t make that much money because they hiring so much more than the city needs drivers. There is nothing to do on the road the drivers are more than riders that’s why I am planning to leave them and find a better job and make a better idea.

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