How much do Uber Drivers Really Make in Toronto?

How Much do Uber Drivers Make in Toronto in 2020?

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Statistic is $11.40 per trip in payout(Meaning after Uber’s 25% cut), making it around $22.80 per hour in average of 2 trips done in an hour.

According to Uber Toronto Drivers make anywhere from $16 to $26 per hour.

Average Uber driver works 30 hours per week, making ($16+$26)/2*30 = $630 per week in total payout.

Lets look at the reality now.

How much do Uber Drivers Really Make in Toronto?


Looking at all websites and articles on how much UBER drivers make can be confusing, and to make it simple I have contacted my friends. This are the answers that I have got from my friends that are working for UBER in Toronto.

Per Hour Earnings Of Uber Driver In Toronto.

UBER drivers in Toronto can make up to $160 per day, working 8 to 10 hours a day.  This is what drivers told me, it is a statistic that is close to real, just above $16 per hour.

Drivers who are working only few hours and only on weekend nights, claim to make up to $30 per hour.

In other words, it is very close to the statistics provided by UBER Canada.

Knowing the city and having the right schedule will bring you to $20 per hour in payout in average.

Weekly Earnings Of Uber Driver In Toronto.

Uber drivers are making anywhere from $200 to $1000 a week in average.  Working anywhere from 10 hours part time to 50 hours a week full time.

Can they make more? Yes, if you work 7 days a week and 12 hours a day, you will make over $1500 in a week.

Is it worth the effort? Maybe, for some drivers. Not for me.

Annual Salary Of An Uber Driver In Toronto.

Annual Salary of an UBER drivers in Toronto is starting from $10,400 working 10 hours a week to 52,000 working 50 hours a week.

This is the most realistic statistic according to my research and survey of other drivers in Toronto.

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  1. Bryan

    I think to really make this article valuable, you should deduct the cost of fuel used so people get a better idea of “true earnings”. This is the one thing that hurts most, particularly in Toronto. I won’t even mention the cost of things like brakes and tires and depreciation of vehicle.

    1. Jay

      And …
      – Depreciation of the vehicle (guess Uber requires you a car less than 5 yrs old)
      – Insurance
      – Traffic Tickets
      – Car maintenance
      – Idle time for car repairs or if involved in accidents

      I guess Uber driver makes less than the new min hourly wage at high risk

    2. Paul

      This is absolutely the case and it’s highly deceptive of Igor (and many others who plug for Uber) to suggest a “lucrative income” of $20 an hour IN TORONTO where a detached house now costs $1 million and above can be earned, WITHOUT mentioning the $30-50 a day (literally) insurance, depreciation, amortisation, tax, repairs, fuel and maintenance costs for Uber drivers. When you actually work out the cost of depreciation (this is ACTUALLY THE BIGGEST HIDDEN COST) that car companies have worked out in detail (they are standard numbers, by the way!) you will be shocked to find that your new car is literally depreciating at $30-50 a day and THAT COST should be OFFSET against all Uber or rideshare or delivery earnings. In short, Uber drivers and any rideshare or delivery driver is probably, overall, losing money OR at the very least, making MUCH LESS than the minimum wage in a McJob (which usually includes pension, healthcare and other benefits the rideshare/delivery driver will never see).

  2. John

    After minus car brakes, rotors, oil change, tires, other mechanical maintenance expense, car washes, food expense, coffee, tea, monthly finance fee, gasoline. People who take public transportation and work 36.50 hr multiply 52 weeks minus 3 holidays plus statutory weeks equal $25,039 minimum salary annually able to save at least $23,000 minus public transportation. Uber driver barely able to survive never mind about saving money.

  3. Jay

    And …
    – Depreciation of the vehicle (guess Uber requires you a car less than 5 yrs old)
    – Insurance
    – Traffic Tickets
    – Car maintenance
    – Idle time for car repairs or if involved in accidents

    I guess Uber driver makes less than the new min hourly wage at high risk

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  5. Jeri

    I dont drive much I started in April of this yr and after deducting everything I make about 22$ an hr on average not less than that. I dont drive in traffic I chose to drive early mornings on wkds and if I am off my normal work I drive between 9am and 2pm b4 n after traffic …there are days that one can make up to 28$ per hr depends on day and the kind of trips. I did a pool one Saturday which lasted 1 hr 12 mins and it was 64$…that’s rare but it happens sometimes

    1. Roy

      $64 for 1h12 min??
      Never happened!
      Just had a trip of 30min,regular rate +13% Hst total got $16!
      Everage around $16-20/hour including HST.
      If i look on km it always goes around 1-1.5$/km

  6. Robert

    Hahahha, on average they earn anywhere from $200 to $1000 a week. This is the same as saying on average they make between $0 and $2000. You were a project manager?

  7. sergi

    i work far from home live in hamilton work in toronto.
    usually hit the road around 5 am to 5:30 am
    7 out of 10 times are people going to the airport in the morning which depending on where i pick them up its average 28 to 40 bucks.
    i set my work destination which limits the rides but i remove it once im closer to work
    but the airport is about 35-40 mins from my house so within that 40 mins i make at least $28
    once in a while as i drop them off i pick up another rider from the airport
    today i dropped someone to airport from burlington $40 + $8 tip. soon as i dropped them off picked up someone from the airport arrivals going to markham $33. time online 1h.22 mins.
    i made it to work in time do my 9-5 and open uber after that. yesterday after work i made $56 for 2 rides one from oakville to burlington. one from burlington to go station in hamilton.
    i do this on the side i cant say i get good rides everyday but im averaging 300-400 a week doing it on the side i do 80km one way to work and vice versa hence the long rides i guess

    1. Paul

      Drivers like you need to be removed permanently from the app. There are literally hundreds of thousands of part-time drivers who already earn a $45,000 income at another job; they are the reason Uber will not raise pay nor ride charges. Until you people are banned from signing up with Uber or any other rideshare company (to allow people who REALLY need the money), we in the gig economy are fucked.

      1. Moe

        Uber is not a charity and not an organization to help people who are unable to find a real job.

        being the perfect side job to work few hours after work is what makes uber great, and if Uber will raise pay and ride charges as your great plan suggests you will probably earn less.

        I take Uber around 10 times a month just because the bus fare is 3.5$ and Uber is 8$, if suddenly Uber became 10$ or 11 for those same trips I and many others will stop looking at it as a reasonable choice to do so regularly and like conventional Taxis you will be waiting for hours on the side of the streets every day

  8. Tejasree Penmetsha


    I am Teja Sree. I’m coming to Montreal by august. I am planning to buy a car and tie it with UBER.
    Can someone tell me if it is still lucrative?
    How much does a driver earn per hour after all deductions?

    1. Samuel

      $3 per hour Max
      – Depreciation of the vehicle (guess Uber requires you a car less than 5 yrs old)
      – Insurance
      – Traffic Tickets
      – Car maintenance
      – Idle time for car repairs or if involved in accidents

      Uber driver makes less than $3 hourly with high risk

  9. Sharbel

    Its not true i work 10 hours everyday i cant reach 200 cad sometimes i wait 3 hours to receive request on business and busiest area that mean per hour 10 cad maximum

  10. Moataz Fayed

    I’m working in Oshawa 7 days, 10 hours. You have to consider the expenses (phone, car loan, car insurance, car maintenance and car depreciation). The average income is $800 per week, after all expenses the average $13 per hour.

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  12. Mohamed Abdullah

    To Be fare as Uber’s cut 25% I think the company should be review this 25% cut from the trip and it can be Lump sum regardless of distance and amount of the trip let say Uber’s can cut 5 CAN$ per trip. As Uber charges partners 25% fee on all fares.
    This fee covers:
    •The use of Uber software
    •Collection and transfer of fares
    •Credit card commission
    •Distribution of invoices to clients
    I think if Uber’s company take my solution above cut 5 CAN$ per trip for thousands of trips per day in Canada it can cover all the above fees and gain good profit.

  13. Pablo

    Waw, I was considering to drive for Uber, but after read this I don’t know how you guys keep driving for them as you can make more Money in a regular job

  14. Samuel

    $3 per hour Max Uber driver can make!!!!!
    – Depreciation of the vehicle (guess Uber requires you a car less than 5 yrs old)
    – Insurance
    – Traffic Tickets
    – Car maintenance
    – Idle time for car repairs or if involved in accidents

    #Uber driver makes less than $3 hourly with high risk

      1. Muhammad

        This Guy Samuel is just demotivating people with his negativity. Probably because he doesn’t more people to join UBER. He was playing smart but then he start flooding the whole posts. I have seen his comments on other posts as well.
        People like him will always let others down for their own benefits, so better ignore him or take out some daily frustration on him, he is serving himself to that.

        Besides, my brother lives in toronto and uses UBER. As per him, you can live a good life using UBER and save a little. Its good to work for UBER if you are new to the city because you dont know anyone and rahter spending or wasting time alone in your apartment, atleast you will get to know people as well. You might get better knowledge of good and cheaper houses or a job opportunity.

  15. Paul

    UBER is too greedy to do what you suggest. In their current model they will be bankrupt soon, and will be bought over by another firm (making the owners even more handsome profits). What possible incentive does Uber have to pay drivers more? Drivers are literally slave labor and have no rights.

  16. John

    Lease a car. You need a car anyway and a lease payment is lower. I drive in Ottawa and take-home pay is .33/ kilometer. I worked it out after removing gas and taxes. If you go over your lease km the dealer only charges you. 10/ kilometer. They have no problem with Uber driving. And part time works..

  17. Mykhaylo

    I started recently doing uberEats with my older car and found an average per hour can vary from 14$ to 21$ an hour before gas expense. Gas was around 2$ an hour.
    I decided to try doing UberX and financed a new car.I find UberX can make you around 1-2$ an hour more.
    I am currently doing it full time because i have not found a serious job yet
    Last night (Sat)i made 230$ 12hr shift- about 40-50$ on gas. It was the same ammount i made with Uber eats doing a 12 hour shift on Sat and roughly same gas cost. Today was 160$ in 8.5hours. with Roughly 20$ gas.
    At the end, you dont need to do UberX and buy a new car to make same money.
    My idea behind Uber is to drive a new car and pay for it by working on my free time. As a full time job, i think it sucks.
    You car will probably be dead by the time you finish paying for it.
    On a bright side its a great way to make extra buck and i think this is the whole idea behind it.
    Its not meant to be relied on as a full time income and if someone does, good for you. You will never win the battle with increased pay because there will always be another person or 5 that want part time buck because it is so convinient.
    I will continue to do it full time and i know i can make 1000$ a week if i go crazy, but it will not be for a long time hopefully.

    1. Uber Slave

      All your doing is running a new car into the ground over a short period of time, especially only driving city. After your loan for the car is paid off, it’s going to be worth so little with over 400000km on it. Uber is only good for a side gig for nights if you have a crappy main job.

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