How to make the most money driving for Uber

How to make the most money driving for Uber?

In this article we will look at ways to make the most money driving for Uber in Canada.   Lets look at the main tricks of the trade to make it more interesting.

1) Using the passenger application.


Get a second phone, log in as a passenger and you will see how many Uber drivers are around your area. Find an area with less drivers and park there.

This way you will have higher chances to get a call sooner then others, you will make money money per hour.

Drive for Uber

2) Ignoring Uber text massages.

Uber texts us the things Uber wants us to believe, for all we know, Uber cares for their customers getting the ride. All we want is getting a customer for our ride to make money. By ignoring the text massages, you will actually make more. Because Uber sends this text to everyone, and all drivers rush into that area! By the time all drivers are there, you will get a call just where you are. Try it!

3) 5 Min Cancellation Policy.

When was the last time you came to the customer, waited 10 min spent driving there another 10 min, and made $3.5 because the customer  was less then 5 min away from their home?

Happened to me many times! I come, wait and make nothing and get no tip in the end. Customers abuse Uber system by keeping us drivers waiting and not making much. The solution is 5 min cancellation policy.

I do not recommend abusing this policy, but it is there for a reason.

How I do it? I come to the place and wait, text the customer in 5 min I call them and if I do not see anyone in next 5 min, I cancel and drive away. What do I get for this?  5$ and 25% goes to Uber, so $4 in total.

4) Driving During the surge hours.


To make the most out of your time, drive only during the morning commute, 7 to 10 am and evenings 4 to  7 pm during the week days. Drive Friday and Saturday nights from 7pm to 3 am and Sunday mornings.

By working the right hours, you will get the most of money per hour.

Get up to $1000 in Signup Bonus with Uber depending on your location. Read more.

This is how you make the most money from driving for Uber.  Ask me question, tell me how you do it in the comments.


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