How to start driving for Uber in Calgary, Alberta.

Uber in Calgary.

Uber had many issues in Calgary, we all know how it was shut down in 2016 due to legislation issues in Alberta. Drivers used to drive with class 5 licence and everything was simple.

  1. Got a car?
  2. Make money.

Drive for UberNow things are different and it is difficult for Uber to acknowledge it to the potential drivers. More restrictions are there to “improve” the standard for the riders. But the reality is, to “restrict Uber drivers”, to make it harder for us to join and make a living.

In this article I will explain to you how to start driving for Uber in Calgary, in short, yet detailed form.

List of thing you need to get, to start driving for Uber in Calgary.

  1. Car not older than 2007, in good working condition (They will make you do car inspection anyway). It has to be 4 door with 5 seat belts, not rebuilt or salvaged without commercial branding.
  2. Class 4 Drivers licence, to get it you will have to do your medical exam, knowledge test and road test again.
  3. “Clean” driving abstract for past 3 years. (Maximum 2 minor convictions or 1 major conviction, for over 4 demerit points, Uber will not let you drive)
  4. Commercial registration, you would need to get commercial number plates in order to start driving for Uber in Calgary.
  5.  Car Inspection (ELVIS), anywhere in Canadian Tire or other places, you will have to pass the inspection. If it fails, you have to fix the issue and do it again.
  6. Proof of work eligibility, Canadian Passport, Permanent Residence card, or Work permit.
  7. Insurance,  you will have to get ride share insurance from one of Uber’s partners. My TD insurance disowned me after I started driving for Uber, just saying, I had to get a new insurance. Good news, you can cancel your insurance without fee if they do not offer the service. Bad news it can be $40 to $100 more expansive.
  8. Sole Proprietorship registration in local registry.
  9. Open a GST Account on CRA website (Can be done after).


Is it worth it driving for Uber in Calgary?


Simple answer is YES. 

It all pays of very fast, and all of this restrictions are there to prevent people from starting. There are less drivers and for this reason we can make more money in Calgary. I was lucky to have a friend and got the sign up bonus from Uber in my first 20 trips.




Watch my video on YouTube “How to start driving for Uber in Calgary”.


List if requirements from Uber:




Uber offers up to $1000 as your Sign-Up Bonus, it is different from city to city.

In Calgary, I got only $300 at the time of Sign-Up, but it is different from city to city in Canada. and depends on Uber alone.

Get up to $1000 in Signup Bonus with Uber depending on your location. Read more.

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  1. Sara

    Hi Igor

    I think it would be a great job; so complicated to get started though. Anyway around these barriers ?

    I am a 52 year old ( young hip stay at home mom (female) – you think this is any more dangerous for me to than a male ?
    2. I really do need to make some fast cash, and have my days free to work … I love to drive; but this all seems really expensive & hard to get started and time consuming. What’s the real deal ???

    3. What task would I do first ?

    1. Igor Ryltsev

      Good day Sara, I apologize for the delay in my response.

      To get started singnup driving for UBER:

      After this, visit UBER Green Light Hub.

      You would need is to get a class 4 license:

      You will need to do a car inspection done to get the approval from city of Calgary.

      It costs all together around $300 to get started, most expansive part of it is the class 4 road test. It will take you around 3 weeks to start driving in Calgary.

    2. Barry Swartzberg

      Hi Igor,

      Would you have any interest in picking my wife and me up at the Calgary Airport Monday evening and driving us to Panorama Mountain resort?? (If not you, would you know any Uber driver willing to make this trip??) Long story how this happened…☹️☹️

      If so, could you give me a price?? (About a 3+ hour drive each way.)

      This is for real…not a joke

  2. Carlos

    Hi Igor,

    Em alguma provincia do canada é possivel trabalhar com carro alugado ?

    Eu sou um estudante com permissão de trabalho no Canada.

      1. Igor Ryltsev

        Hello Carlos, according to my knowledge. It is not possible to work with a rental car. You will need to get the car inspected, the insurance issues will be there. Short answer, most of the times you can’t drive a rental for Uber.

  3. John

    Had an accident once with my car will that affect me ? uber wont accept me? The accident happened last year during snowing night…

  4. Dee

    Hi Igor,

    3 questions please.

    1. Can I use your profile for new sign-on referral?
    2. Will you recommend lease or finance new car for uber driving and does it make economic sense?
    3. How will tax filing affect any decision in #2 above?


  5. Navdeep

    Hi igor, i am moving from Brandon Mb to Calgary next month. I already have Manitoba class 4 driving licence and I want to drive for uber as full time in Calgary. Is it really worth it? I know i will need to transfer my licence and my cars number plate registration. But i am confused about from where to start. Can you please explain me what things should i do after reaching Calgary.
    Thank you!

  6. Aimee

    Hi Igor. Very helpful post here. I’m a new immigrant from Nigeria. Been driving in Calgary for 8 months only, so I can’t get 3 years driver’s abstract. Will Uber accept an abstract from outside the country? Or will they accept an 8 month abstract? I have been trying to find out about this for ages. Any suggestions?

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