How To Start Driving for Uber in Ottawa

The capital city of Canada and one of the most populous in the country, Ottawa is a perfect place for anyone wishing to become a driver for Uber. However, there are guidelines that have to be clearly adhered to before anyone can be given this opportunity. In this article, we are going to look at all you need to do to become an Uber driver in the majestic city of Ottawa.

     For anyone who wants to become a driver with Uber in Ottawa, there are step-by-step guidelines on how this can be done. The very first step here is the presentation of documents that will ensure your qualification for the driver position. The initial document here is the driver’s license and specifically the Ontario G type or its equivalent. The license must be issued in Ontario and needs to have authorization for you to be able drive in Ottawa.

1) Driver’s Licence.

 Having the driver’s license alone is not enough for you to start driving for Uber in Ottawa.

2) Proof of Work Eligibility.

You also need to show the document for proof of work eligibility. This can be in the form of a birth certificate, international passport, residency card, citizenship card or even an accredited work permit. There is also the need to present the document for vehicle insurance which must have been issued in your name written very clearly on it.

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 3)  Vehicle Registration.

    There is also the need to present the correct vehicle registration documents and then you need to get the:

 4) Police Records Check with Vulnerable Sector.

Police Records Check with Vulnerable Sector form completed. This document is invalid without the Ottawa Police seal so ensure that this is done. It should also have the signature of the police officer in charge alongside the license number. The completed document comes with two sides. While applying online to be a driver for Uber, you have to upload the two sides of the Police Records Check with the Vulnerable Sector form. It is important to know that your name has to appear clearly in the name section of the document.

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 5)  Safety Standards Certificate (SSC).

    If you are thinking that is all that is needed for you to scale all the hurdles, then you have to submit the Safety Standards Certificate (SSC) which ensures that your vehicle has successfully passed the safety inspection test. In order to get this relevant document, you can fix an appointment at the vehicle inspection unit of the Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO).

6)  Fairly New Car.

 In addition to all the documents outlined in the earlier sections, you also need to ensure that your vehicle is at least of the 2014 model or more recent and it will be subjected to annual inspections. In cases where your vehicle is of the 2013 model or older, it will be subjected to two sessions of inspection every year.

 Once you are able to provide all the information above clearly, you can go ahead and submit your application to Uber and get the needed approval. At this stage, you can hit the streets of the legendary Ottawa and watch as your earnings swell on a daily basis.


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    I have a open work permit now i am doing uber eats. My work permit expire next month but i am already apply for new work permit. Can i continue my uber eats after expire date?

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