How to Start Driving for UBER in Toronto

 Without any doubt, Toronto is one of the best places to search for and find opportunities in all of Canada. Talking of opportunities, one of the most effective of such is working as an Uber driver in this great city. But what are the steps to be taken when it comes to how to start driving for Uber in Toronto? This piece is going to dwell on that and provide very helpful information.

 With Uber, you have the chance to earn extra income with your own vehicle. However, there are steps that have to be followed first. Typically, the first step involves:

1) Signing up online on Uber’s official website:

With this, you have your own driver profile but that is not all. Before you can be accepted to work for Uber, your vehicle has to meet some stringent requirements first.

 2) Vehicle Requirements:

These requirements can vary even within Toronto itself. To illustrate, for those who want to drive with Uber in the Greater Toronto Area, their car has to at least be in good condition with:

  • No visible external damage.
  • No commercial branding
  • Must not be salvaged
  • Has to be a four-door vehicle with doors that open individually among others.

3) City Requirements:

For those who want to ply the routes of the City of Toronto with UberX, UberXL or UberPool, their vehicles must be 2012 model year or even newer. Once the vehicle meets all the general requirements, the next step is to ensure the vehicle passes an inspection test by an accredited auto mechanic. The next step is the presentation of the relevant documents.

  Drive for Uber

4) Document Requirements:

These documents are very important for anyone intent on driving for Uber in Toronto. These include the driver’s license which must be:

  • Ontario G class or its equivalent, the driver must also be at least 21 years of age and the license must be issued from Ontario with the authority for operation in Toronto.
  • Proof of work eligibility and these include residency card, birth certificate, international passport, work permit, citizenship card.
  • Vehicle insurance documents which must be in the name of the driver clearly written
  • Vehicle registration documents of which all sides are needed. The registration document has to show the car was registered properly in Ontario but it is not a must that the car must belong to you.
  • Safety Standards Certificate (SSC) is another certificate that is needed and it is given after a driver successfully passed a vehicle inspection test. A copy of the SSC must be in the car with you while working as an Uber driver while a copy has to be uploaded on your Uber account.

Once all these documents are submitted alongside background check results and verified by Uber to meet all the stated requirements, your application is approved. With this, you are able to make as much income as you want while driving for Uber all over the majestic city of Toronto.

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