How To Start Driving for UBER in Vancouver

Easy step by step Guide To Start Driving for UBER in Vancouver Canada!

This article will help you get on the road and start driving for UBER in Vancouver. Vancouver is one of the busiest cities and a seaport in British Columbia. It has been years since UBER has started to operate in Canada and finally as of today (January/24/2020) UBER is now operating in Vancouver and you can become an UBER driver.

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Drive for Uber

Here is the list of requirements in order for you to be able to start driving for UBER in Vancouver:

1) Car (Vehicle Requirements)

  1. The vehicle needs to have 4 doors and 5 seats.
  2. Vehicle not be older then 9 years.
  3. It needs to be in a good condition and not damaged.
  4. The commercial branding is not allowed.
  5. No rebuilt or salvaged cars allowed.
  6. Vehicle will also have to pass a commercial vehicle inspection.
  7. Ride-share car insurance would be provided by UBER, but you should check with your insurance company before starting to drive.

2) Class 4 Driver’s Licence

You should be 21 years of age and have a valid Class 4 licence to be able to driver for UBER. You are also allowed to driver with Class 1 or 2.

Here is the list of requirements that you would need to follow to get the class 4 Driver’s Licence in Vancouver:

  • Knowledge Test here is the link to download the book.
  • Road Test – You will have to do a pre-trip vehicle inspection and a road test. Book here.
  • Medical Exam – It is a part of being a commercial driver, you will have to see a doctor and submit the forms to ICBC within 45 days.

3) Proof of Work Eligibility

In order to work for UBER as a driver in Vancouver, you need to be allowed to work in Canada. It can be a PR Card, Citizenship or a Work Permit.

4) Background Check (Safety Screening)

UBER is working with a partner Triton for the police and safety screening. It can take up to 5 business days to pass the screening.

5) Commercial Driving Record 

This can be done Online and it is absolutely free at ICBC, but if you were driving for the last 3 years on other provinces, you will have to get another commercial driving record.

  • Maximum 3 minor violations allowed.
  • No major violations allowed.

6) Commercial Vehicle Inspection

In order for you to be allowed to drive in Vancouver, you will have to get your vehicle inspected and upload the commercial vehicle inspection report online to UBER.

You made it this far and it means you are ready to start driving for UBER in Vancouver! I’m an UBER driver myself and it is an excellent flexible income! Make sure you get the signup bonus from UBER, it is up to $1000 in total payout. Here is the link to get you started driving for UBER in Vancouver and claim your bonus!


  1. Stan

    Hello, I m new immigrant to Vancouver and I plan to drive with UBER after this pandemic. I heard from friends that you need to have at least 3 years driving experience in Canada before you can before a UBER driver, is that true?

  2. Mohamed Elsamani

    Hello, I want to begain immigrate to Cnada,I wark as an electrician.
    Can you show me how can i do firest step.
    Thank you.

  3. Mariah Martin

    My name is Mariah and I am from UK. I am hoping to come to Ontario in 1 years time and wish to Uber Driver while studying. How can I fo this? What is required of me and can I use British drivers licence?

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