How many hours are you allowed to drive with Uber?


How many hours are you allowed to drive with Uber?

In this article we are going to look at maximum amount of hours that you are allowed to drive for UBER. How many hours can you legally drive for Uber and how many hours Uber allows you to be online?

UBER’s policy on 12 hours driving time:

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For safety and legal reasons Uber has implemented this new policy to prevent Uber drivers from driving dangerously long hours.

How is Uber controlling (Limiting) your drive time?

According to Uber, you are allowed to drive only 12 hours a day, after the 12 hour period you will not be allowed to go online for the next 6 hours.  There will be two notifications sent to you, 2 hours and 1 hour prior to your 12 hour limit.  Once you are offline for more than 6 hours, you time limit resets to 12 hours of driving automatically.

Can I drive over the 12 hour limit?

The condition Uber is 12 hours of drive time, most of the drivers have to stay in one place for 15 to 30 minutes between the ride requests when it gets slow. Only first five minutes after you stopped your vehicle are counted towards the 12 hours of driving time, anything after the first 5 minutes is not counted as driving time. Technically speaking, you can be online for over 16 hours a day with the wait time between the ride requests.

How many hours can I legally drive for Uber?


Most provinces in Canada have a condition of 13 hours of drive time and 14 hours on duty. There are two cycles of working hours. But in short, you are not allowed to be on duty (online) for over 14 hours without 8 hours break.

I do not know how legal it is for Uber to make their own conditions, and if Online is same as On Duty. Uber probably can afford a fleet of good lawyers and they wouldn’t make something that would backfire at them later.


Should I drive long hours with Uber?

My personal recommendation is not to drive over 12 hours. Yes driving longer hours will make you more money, but the attention goes down and a chance of you getting into collusion goes up with every hour after a certain limit of fatigue. Making extra $50 is not worth the $1000 deductible and a risk of your own safety.  Drive safe!

Get your Sign-up bonus, it is up to $1000 driving for Uber.





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