How Much Do Uber Drivers Make Part Time, Is it worth it?

How Much Do Uber Drivers Make Part Time, Is it worth it?

In this article we are going to look at how much I make driving for Uber part time, is it worth driving for Uber part time and why it works great for drivers who have a full time job. I drive for Uber part time and work full time for a different company. It works great, here is why:

Flexible Schedule.

Drive for UberYou can setup your own time and work any hours. Unlike other jobs where your boss tells you the times you have to be working, with Uber I can work at any time that works best for me.  If my employer wants to change my shift, I can still adjust and drive for Uber the hours I choose to.

It helps a lot for students, entrepreneurs, home staying moms or anyone who is searching for job or to make extra income.  I know realtors, musicians and freelancers that work for Uber just to support themselves when they need it.

Extra Cash.

Working 1 day a week on weekends I can make around $200. It is not much, but it adds up to $800 in a month, and it totally helps me to have the extra chase I need to support my family, save up for vacation or purchase something nice that I want. There are are people making $600 a week as a side income to their full time job by just driving for Uber.

Security and Peace of Mind.


How many people get laid off every year?How many times did I think of losing my job or anything happening to my company? It takes up to two years to get a good job in Canada.  Being an Uber driver part time, I know if there is no job tomorrow, I can bring bread to my family and I will still have all the flexibility to search for jobs while I’m driving. Driving for Uber also helps new immigrants and students to support themselves.



Why is worth driving part time for me?

It works great for me. Yes, I have to pay more for my insurance and inspect my car once a year, and it would be an expanse if I do not drive at all. But, I love driving and meeting new people, and I get way more benefits out of being a partner driving for Uber.  Working 1 hour a week or 10 hours a week, it is up to me. With Uber I am a business owner, a partner and not just an employee. I make at least $200 a week of extra income driving with Uber.

Get up to $1000 in signup bonus driving for Uber.


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  1. Tommy

    You mentioned a really important point! In any way, driving Uber as a part-time job requires to spend extra time as a ‘work’ which makes you more tired. However, for anyone enjoying driving and meeting new people, it could be also a really fun opportunity with good enough rewards.

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