Should I Become an Uber Driver in Canada?

Should I Become an Uber Driver in Canada?

If you are considering to become an UBER driver in Canada, this article is for you. Want to working your own schedule and get paid instantly? Then UBER may be the right option.

My name is Igor Rlytsev and I’m an UBER driver myself, you may have seen my videos on YouTube about driving for UBER in Canada.

This article will help you decide if you want to become an UBER driver in  Canada.

Pros and Cons of Driving for UBER in Canada.

Drive for Uber

Pros of Driving for UBER:

  • Meeting new people and networking.
  • Getting paid every week or instantly.
  • Making your own schedule.
  • Being your own boss.
  • Learning you own city.


Cons of Driving for UBER:

  • Managing your own work day.
  • Paying your own vehicle expanses and tax filing.
  • UBER is in charge of everything, driver app and fairs.

Will UBER be the right fit for me as a driver?

I know many professional drivers who work in logistics that are driving for UBER on a side. It helps people make an extra income, sometimes it is a great option for an extra income on a flexible schedule.


UBER is a right fit:

  • Students searching for a part time income.
  • Home staying moms that are searching for a flexible work schedule.
  • Entrepreneurs who are willing to get a hands on experience in being self employed or trying to have an extra income to their other businesses.
  • New immigrants in Canada, that are trying to get some Canadian work experience and start networking.



UBER  is a wrong fit:

  • If you are not good in setting your own work schedule.
  • Your current job pays you enough not to do any extra income.
  • If you do not like talking to others, UBER can be a challenging task as a driver.

The final decision should be after you,  feel free to read some more articles that would help you decide if UBER is the right fit for you and you still want to become and UBER Driver in Canada.




  1. Abhi

    I have a 10 year experience for driving
    And 2 years uber cabs also
    And I have a my own texi
    So I know very well how to treat the customer how to make a more customer so
    Please give me one chance to I’m coming in Canada

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