Students and International Students Driving For Uber.

  1. There are so many students driving for Uber these days all over Canada. Toronto, Montreal and Calgary are the biggest hubs for College and University students driving for Uber.  In this article I want answer as many questions as I can about students driving for Uber.

How Much Can You Make Driving For as a Student?

Depending on where you are located in Canada, it can range anywhere from $16 to $26 per hour, averaging at around $20 to $22 per hour depending on the province and city. Most of the students do not drive more than 20 hours a week making $400 a week or $1600 a month as an extra income. It is a good supplementary income to support yourself as a student.

Can International Students Drive for Uber in Canada?

Drive for Uber

Yes, International Students can drive for Uber in Canada.  I just spoke to Uber over the phone to confirm this information once again. If you are allowed to work in Canada, you can drive for Uber. There is no policy to prevent you from working on your Study Permit that allows you to work up to 20 hours a week off campus.


Why Do Students Choose to Drive for Uber?


  1. Flexible Schedule: Work whenever you can or want, you do not have to show up for work the next day. Midterms, exams, no problem – drive when you want.
  2. Good Income: Averaging at $20 per hour income is an awesome way to make extra money, to pay of your tuition, rent or have some extra cash while you are in school.
  3. Excellent Work Experience: You are dealing with customers, managing your own hours, organizing you own day and making money. Being an Uber driver is a business, it improves your leadership skills and it can build your resume to get an excellent job by the time you graduate.

Are There Restrictions for Students and International Students Driving for Uber?

There are general restrictions for all Uber drivers:

  • Age: You should be at least 21 years old.
  • Driver’s License: You need a Canadian Driver’s License.
  • Car: You need a 4 door car that is not too old, check requirements with your local City / Uber requirements.
  • Good driving abstract and clean criminal background check.

Students and International Students Driving For Uber, Video:

Please let me know if you have any questions on this topic in the comments bellow and do not forget to Claim your Sign-Up Bonus!

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  1. ranjodh

    i am an international student in canada. currently i am driving with uber but some guys told me that you will get some problem when you apply for work permit
    i also have one objection that how can i file a tax that i get from uber customer

    1. Igor Ryltsev

      Do not worry, just save all of your receipts for gas, car and everything business related and for your study. Get a bookkeeper to file your taxes in March.

    2. Kawal

      Hlo ..bai .. ki hisaab aa fr .koi chkkr paenda baad ch ..jdo work permit laena hunda ? Ehde ch v ghntya da hisaab hunda ya jinna chir mrzi chla skde aa ..uber

  2. srikanth

    i am an international student and i hold international driving licence can i drive uber with that licence as i have permit for one year to drive in canada

  3. Felipe Vieira

    I`m living in Toronto with my wife. She studies in a college, so i have work permit. But my english it`s not so good, do you think that i will have any difficulty to be a Uber`s driver?

    1. Igor Ryltsev

      I do not think so, just smile and be nice. Follow the map to pick up and drop off the passengers. You will improve it faster.

  4. pazim Goyal

    Hey i am currently working as uber eats delivery guy but the thing is uber does not work on sin ( social insurance number ) so do we need to manage 20 hours per week or we can work more. The only thing counting our hours is the app showing ” hours online “.
    Is there any way to link uber with SIN

  5. Sac

    Every one is saying like their is a rule change in April 2018, international students cannot drive uber,still confused to find the answer.

  6. Eray

    I am an international student in Toronto , today i visit the uber office to ask that i am eligible or not for uber. They told me that NO! Sir, do you know how can i register to be an uber driver with my student work permit as international student?

  7. gagan


    Could you please help me as i am still confused whether international students are allowed to drive for uber or not. And what type of vehicle is required i.e. Car or a bike.


  8. eshan

    Hi Igor,

    i have been following up with your videos on youtube for a long time now!
    i have few questions, it would be very helpful if you can answer them:

    -Me and my GF are international students, so can she join me as well in the same car and continue work(on her registered account) after reaching my allowance hrs of work ?

    It would be very great to have your revert soon.

    thanks a lot .

  9. Divy

    Hi Igor,
    I am an international student and i wanted to ask that we are allowed 20 hrs to work right! So apart from working 20 hrs can we drive seperately like for n number of hours because as per some rules uber is a business and tgey don’t count our hours! Is that true

  10. Akashdeep Singh

    Hello.firstly thanks for sharing this information.I have a question that Is students can uber more than 20 hours per week in canada

  11. Sazzad Hossain

    i am 18. i am a student of bishops university and i am from Bangladesh. i have international license. Can i drive uber ?

  12. MoH

    Hey i am currently working as uber eats delivery guy but the thing is uber does not work on sin ( social insurance number ) so do we need to manage 20 hours per week or we can work more. The only thing counting our hours is the app showing ” hours online “.
    Is there any way to link uber with SIN

  13. Ramilo Infantado

    Hi Igor!
    Im Ramil from Philippines. My student visa will be grant soon. Can i use my international drivers license in ontario canada to apply in uber? Or do i need to apply a drivers license in ontario?

  14. Ndrs11

    Hey there,

    I’m in the process of starting to work for uber but i need to get a GST number with the CRA.

    I cannot do it online since i’ve never filed taxes in Canada. (i’m new)
    and in the phone the CRA tells me that i need to sign up for a GST number as a non-resident. Has anyone gone through this process?

    Any experiences would help


  15. sukhdeep singh

    How to count hour’s in uber like the time passenger in car or when we start to end count waiting time for the ride

  16. Kevin Zhou

    Hi. As someone previously asked, what if we drive more than 20 hours a week as an international student? How does Uber count our work hours since sometimes the app goes online for an hour and we are actually not receiving one single order to work for.

  17. Seth Adjei Atuahene

    Hello, I’m International students and I’m driving Uber but I have a problem since we are allowed to work for 20 hours a week or 4hrs each day .sometimes you can turn on the Uber app for 1 hour and without any Uber request in these case can you exceed the hrs for at least 5 to 6 Hrs each day since

    1. Sebastian Garzon

      Hey, I’d just like to know what proof of work eligibility did you use? I’m not sure which one to send, thanks a lot!

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