Top 5 Cities to be an Uber or Lyft Driver in Canada.

Top 5 Cities to be an Uber or Lyft Driver in Canada.

Drive for UberIn this article we are going to look at top five cities to drive for Uber or Lyft in Canada.  This article as of now (February of 2018) does not include Vancouver because British Columbia has difficulties accepting new legislation to make ridesharing industry possible. Vancouver would top out in this list of best cities to be an Uber driver if it had proper legislation and for sure take one of the leading positions in this list.

This list is based on the average income of an Uber driver living there. The information is based on the real driver’s reviews.




Financial capital of Canada, the heart of multiculturalism and one of my favorite cities. Toronto is a version of New York, but with kind and awesome people.  Located in Ontario.

Full time UBER  drivers in Toronto make up to $70,000 per year working 50 to 60 hours a week. After publishing the video on YouTube, I have received more and more paystubs from my subscribers.  Numbers are different, some people make $38/h, others $23/h. Looking at this numbers,  I can say that you will make $50,000 to $70,000 per year driving for Uber in Toronto. It is very busy in Grater Toronto Area (GTA), the city is very diverse and fun to live in.  I am considering moving to Toronto myself. 



Ottawa, the capital of Canada and the most awesome prime minister in the world.

Full time UBER  drivers in Ottawa are making around $57,000 per year per year working 50 to 60 hours a week. Averaging around $22/h, it is a nice city to be an Uber driver.  Located in Ontario.



Montreal, you should know French in this place! Montreal is in Québec. Has awesome architecture, food and people.

Full time UBER drivers are making $20/h, averaging $55,000 per annum, working 50 to 60 hours a week.



The Oil capital of Canada, a city is all about oil. “How are the oil prices?”,“higher, is better!” Oil goes up, Calgary celebrates. All businesses grow with Oil prices, we do not mind paying for gas here, no problem at all.

Uber drivers in Calgary are averaging $20 per hour, making $52,000 per year, working 40 to 50 hours a week.


EdmontonThe capital of Alberta, older city and is in Top five cities to be an Uber driver. It is only 3 hours away from Calgary.

Full time UBER drivers in Edmonton are making average of $19 per hour averaging $50,000 per year. It is a nice place to drive for Uber.


The winner of this list is Toronto, but in Calgary you can get a $300,000 house not too far away from the city center! Yes, it is more money in Toronto, but the taxes and life can be more expansive. Driving in any of this 5 cities is a great idea.


Please comment and share you success story, income and experience driving in the cities mentioned above, it would help other drivers a lot.



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  1. Bob

    I find the results of your blog on the five cities in Canada, weak. I think it is much more complex to arrive at a somewhat per hour revenue. There are too many variables, such as driving uberX, XL and or Select, do you wait 3 hours at the airport for a ride? do you park at 11 pm on a Tuesday in a secluded neighborhood? If so, those tactics will skew the revenue compared to another driver.

    I’ll stop there, lastly you said the top five cities, those are the only cities that Uber is operating in except for Quebec City, as of the date of your Blog, more cities are now having Uber.

    In my humble opinion, if you haven’t driven 8,000 rides a driver doesn’t have the experience to make such claims.

    Lastly, I find Calgary Uber drivers to complain a lot to the Uber Riders, these drivers that complain are not very happy. I wonder why someone would do such a work if they aren’t happy? I wonder…

  2. Brian

    Your earnings that you show are gross earnings and do not include any expenses such as gas, maintenance and the purchase of a vehicle.So what you really are making is a lot less than the figures that you show.

    1. Kyle

      What also should be considered is the fact that if you have a regular 9-5 you will need to pay for Car, insurance and gas. Of course you will use more gas and wear and tear on vehicle. But dont act like you wont have a car payment, insurance and buying gas anyway.

  3. Shashi

    Hi Igor,
    Edmonton airport queue is sometimes 15 cars. It takes sometimes more than 2.5+ hrs to get your turn. The fare ranges from 25 to 55 from airport.
    How is the queue at Calgary airport in terms of num of cars and waiting time ?
    Do you know the fare ranges from Calgary airport or avg fare ?

  4. Dee

    In toronto i make aprox 23 brutto an weekday and 27 at weekends… gas expense is aprox 13%. 1000 per week is possible.. sometimes 1200 with lyft combined. But traffic is nightmare all day long.. thinking to move to alberta..

  5. Marcus Lobo

    I work 10 to 11 hours a day from Monday to Saturday and the most money I made was 1400 dollars, I believe your information is not accurate

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