1. ben

    Hello Igor,

    I’m planning to earn extra income to be a part time Uber Driver. I’m now figure out the cost to join Uber. However, I do not find out details on the extra insurance cost on ride sharing. Hope you can give me some advice. (Background: My car insurance is not with Intact. To be a Uber driver, is that I need to buy an extra ride sharing insurance with Intact and also keep my current car insurance or I need to shift my car insurance to Intact that allow for the ride sharing? do you have any view on the extra cost to get a insurance with intact). Thanks Ben

  2. Triumph

    Hello sir, I’m studying in North Cyprus right now but I want to leave and come to Canada, leaving permanently in Canada has always been my dream, and I just watched your video on the new program for immigrants, please can you help me out sir.

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