Uber Signup Bonus in Canada

Uber Signup Bonus in Canada
Note from the Author:

Attention: Due To COVID-19 as of April/01/2020 there is No Refferal Bonus From UBER. 

Being an UBER Driver myself I do not recommend driving for UBER during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Stay home friends and stay safe. 


Uber New Driver Uber Signup Bonus in Canada.

  • Interested in joining Uber as a driver in Canada?
  • Get started by signing-up with Uber with my link.
  • Depending on the city you are from, Uber offers anywhere up to $1000.

Get your Signup Bonus in Canada.  It does cost some money to start with Uber, why not make Uber pay for it? By signing up, using the referral code, you will get all of your expanses covered by Uber themselves. In bonuses paid to you when you start driving.

Uber does not publish a list of the cities and bonuses assigned to the specific city in Canada. However you can always submit an inquiry  and verify the amount for your city. If you want to get the new driver’s signup bonus, you will have to use someone’s code.  If you like my blog and would like to support it, use my referral code (IGORR1193UI).

The amount of signup bonus depends only on the city you are signing up from . It can be different when signing up from Toronto versus what you would get in Calgary. Do not be surprised the bonus is different from your friends in another city. The signup bonus I have received in Calgary, was $300. I know some people got $500 in Canada. The signup bonus can go up to $1000 in some regions.

Uber Retroactive Referral System in Canada.

Uber gives a window of 15 days of activation to submit your referral code, in case you forget to use the signup referral code. If you want to get the signup bonus, you will have to submit the code to Uber. To do so, go to your Uber’s driver application and click: Account -> Help -> Payment and Rewards -> Driver Referrals -> Report a missing driver referral.

When I was in Green Light Hub (Uber in Calgary, AB, Canada), submitting my friends referral code, they asked me his phone and name.

Info Uber can ask you about the referral code for signup bonus.

Usually the phone and first name is enough.

Give UBER this info:

  • Name: Igor Ryltsev
  • Phone: +1 (Canada) 587-889-8393
  • Invitation code: igorr1193ui
  • Email: igorubercanada@gmail.com

Make sure you are getting the signup bonus for joining Uber, it is kind of “Give-away” from them.  Does not matter who’s code you choose to use, just do not forget to do it. Uber is keeping silent about it in hope to save some money. I have visited Uber and I did not submit my friends code, Uber said nothing. Good thing my friend called me at that time and reminded me to give it to them. That was the way I have got my bonus, gave his phone and name.

I live in Canada and driving on the roads of Calgary, AB. When you are in my car or on the road in Calgary, let me know you if this blog helped you.

Drive safe!