Uber Tipping issue in Canada

Just over one month ago Uber introduced tipping in Canada.  It is a reasonable gesture, because we drivers and partners are providing a service to our clients.

Drivers provide the following:

  • Time – Is the driver on time for pickup, did he drop you off on the promised time frame?
  • Car – Was the car clean, good smelling, in a good condition?
  • Driver – Is the driver professional?
  • Driving – How much did you enjoy the driving style of the driver?

Uber Tipping Issue in Canada.

Drive for Uber

There is a problem with tipping in Canada, the main problem is

education of the riders. Uber is not doing a great job on educating the riders. Drivers who are doing a great job are not getting as many tips. Riders simply believe the concept that Uber used to have – no tips for trips.



Why do I not get tips with Uber?

It is a question many drivers are asking themselves and others.

  • I was on time.
  • The car was clean.
  • We had a great conversation.
  • I helped and did everything for the rider, gave some water and sweets.

“Where is my tip?” is the thought of the driver after looking at his earnings for today. Dropping of a happy customer who was ready to kiss the driver,  who just slammed the door, and gave the driver a 5 star rating.

Can we eat the 5 star rating?

Real problem is that riders are not educated and believe that Uber drivers are making so much, they do not need a tip!

How can we fix the Uber tipping problem?


It is not an easy job for us drivers to get it done. Uber has to educate the riders, as a manner of a good gesture to give a tip to their drivers.

Drivers are just like barbers, we hear all, we see all, we know all! We are your cheaper version of family counselor, relationship builder and physiologists.

We talk to people, they ask questions, and we are trying to comfort them while driving. Barbers get a tip, waitress gets a tip and stewards do get a tip. Uber drivers do not always get a tip.


Main cause of tipping issue.

  1. Half of the people still think Tip is against the Uber policy.
  2. Tip is coming after the rating, by that time the driver is not there anymore. Rider and his consciousness are in conflict. “Should I give a tip? Who is going  find out if I do not give him a tip?”


How do people steal? Normally, most people would not steal anything in front of others. People would act morally appropriate when others are watching.

Uber tip is total confidentiality, it is optional, and riders can forget, skip it or just act immorally, because “no one” is going to know!

My Tipping Issues Story.

4 wet people from river rafting in Calgary called for Uber, other 2 drivers did not let them into their cars. I came, I took them and the guy was trying to tip me with his credit card.  I told him that he can do it on his phone after the trip.

Guess what?

You are right, no tip.


Because his friends will not know he did not give me a tip, he has a good image of him trying to tip me in-front of others. In the end of the day only him and the driver will know.

The real question is, how many people would act correct when no one is watching?

Optional tip with optional rating is not working as good as it should be.

Rideshare riders are trying to spend $5 and get $25 of service and get away without a tip.

I’m at 4.93 star rating driver, so I do make my best to have all 5 star ratings, but people just do try and not give anything. I do get tips from time to time, but most of the time I see people trying avoid giving any tips.

My tipping system:

  1. $2 is great!
  2. $5 Awesome
  3. $5 + I love you.

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Dear drivers, please share your thoughts on the tipping issue with me in the comments, or contact me. We would love to know your story! 





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  2. Christine

    Your app is not very “tip user friendly” the e-mail comes, you click on it, takes you to the app which asks you where you are going, hard to find where to tip. Sometimes I go in and cannot even leave a tip. If it were easier I would tip almost always.

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