Using Fake GPS for UBER or Lyft.

If you are planning to use fake GPS for Uber, this article is for you.  I would like to warn you about using a fake GPS driving for Uber.  You may get deactivated and no longer be able to drive for Uber or Lyft if you use it. This article is strictly to look at this matter for educational purposes. It is your sole responsibility if you choose to use it or not, but I do not support using the fake GPS for Uber or Lyft.

Why do Uber drivers use Fake GPS?

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Best place to use a fake GPS is Airport pickups, for example if you are picking up someone at the airport, there is a queue, and first person to be in the line is the first person to get the ride request.

People would fake GPS their location into the Uber parking lot to get their position in line, to get the ride request sooner.  If you drive into the airport parking lot and you notice no cars parked there but your position for ride request is 15th, most likely they are using fake GPS.

Why is it not good idea to use fake GPD for Uber?

  1. Uber customers are not getting the service they pay for. Think about it, you are waiting for Uber in harsh weather and use the application to get the nearest driver but the driver comes after 20 minutes instead of promised 5 minutes.
  2. Drivers are not getting the ride requests. Example: You are in the airport, waiting for a ride request for last 40 minutes and someone with fake GPS gets the ride request instead of you. The person who did not wait a minute to get the ride request, got in line ahead of you from his/her home, watching TV and gets the ride request.

It is unethical to use it, in my point of view.

What applications do people use?


  1. Fake GPS Go Location Spoofer.
  2. Fake GPS location.
  3. All other fake GPS apps, just search for it. In Google Play  or App store.





Will Uber find out if I use a fake GPS?

They have entire team to prevent fraud, and yes, there are systems in place to trace fake GPS apps. Using fake GPS is unethical and can lead to your account deactivated. I do not recommend anyone using it. Please work honestly and do not risk everything for one extra dollar.

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