What to do if you are not getting ride requests.

You have started your day, driving around the city and nothing is happening. You are driving for past one hour, waiting for customers, application is working, you are online and no ride request.  What should you do to fix it?

Not getting ride requests driving for Uber?

First thing you should do is troubleshoot your Uber driver application, lets look at the list of thing that could fix it.


Troubleshooting Uber Driver Application.

1) Restart your Uber Application.

Close the Uber Driver Application by swiping sideways or depending on your phone, just shut it off.  When the application is off, open it again. Drive for the next 10 min an see if you get the ride request.

Drive for Uber2) Log Out from your account.

If the first step did not work, you can try logging off your Uber Application. Go to your Uber Driver Application, click on Account, scroll all the way down, click on Sign Out.

3) Restart your phone.

If method one and two did not help, click and hold your power button until the phone is off, turn it on again. Start your Uber application and it should be working.

4) Contact Uber.


In your drivers application, click Account -> Help -> More – > Common Phone App issues -> I’m not getting trip or delivery requests. Type a massage to Uber and they will contact you shortly.


Follow this 4 steps to fix your Uber Driver Application if you do not get any ride requests for some time. This will help you save time and money if for some reason you are not getting ride requests.


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