My First Day Driving for Uber

My First Day

Drive for UberIt was on August 18, 2017 I have just started Driving for Uber.  It was my first time using the Uber Driver application.

I have washed the car, got it all cleaned up, covered the seats of my 2015 Honda Civic and out on the road. It was cleaned like never before.

Started from going into downtown at about 8 PM and was driving up to 9 PM with no ride requests!  I had no idea on how the application works, and it was online and I was supposed to get calls. Good thing I did call my friend who is also an Uber driver, he said to restart the application, and within 5 minutes I got my first ride request and my first tip!

It was fantastic feeling!

When you work for yourself and you get paid! This was something that I could see, how much I did in what time. It was super awesome feeling!

Country Thunder in Calgary


The same day I had a notification from Uber on my application about Country Thunder Concert in Calgary, so I ended up getting a call from there. People were drunk, going back from party,  it was interesting.

One person I had, he was totally drunk, I dropped him to his home with surge rates (About 1.5x times the fair). When I was driving away, he got into his truck and drove away! That was something really shocking, I was kind of proud of that person for not driving drunk and taking Uber at the beginning.  I was too far to stop him from getting into his truck…


Country Thunder Calgary was a mess in traffic, yet I had someone who was going to Airdry! My first awesome long ride! It was very exciting day.

Airdry was also fun to drive around before getting back to Calgary, there were many people going out that night. I had ride requests even before I could drop off my current customer.

I drove by the airport on my way from Airdry. Found around 20 Uber drivers on the Uber parking, everyone scrolling their Facebook applications.  It was not fun standing in line at the airport. Uber texted me that I should go to some other location to make more money and I left.

It was amazing day, with around 5+ hours online of work and over $115 dollars in my pocket. That is how I got hooked up to Uber!

What do you think guys?

Was it a good day?

Let me know in the comments section, anyone who is driving for Uber.

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